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Celebrating Adrian Paul

Over the years, Adrian's Angels has attempted to honor Adrian Paul (he is worth it, isn't he?) on those special occasions like Birthday and Christmas holidays.

We try to include all fans from around the matter if you belong to an E-Group, Message Board, or not!!

Take a visit to each page, check out the Guest Book to see all the comments by fans like yourself and see Adrian's comments too!!

Yes...he DOES visit these celebratory pages we've created, so be sure and join in when it's time for the next one!

2006 Adrian Birthday Project
Special thanks to Beatrice for the miniature print of the 2006 Birthday Road Trip. It was reduced from the web pages to an 8'long x 6"wide strip. Amazing!!

2006 Adrian Holiday Exclusive

2007 Adrian Birthday Project

2007 Adrian Holiday Project

2008 Adrian Birthday Project

2008 Adrian Holiday Project

2009 Adrian Birthday Project
Adrian Paul Birthday project 2009
Adrian Paul holiday card 2009

2009 Adrian Holiday Project

2010 Adrian Birthday Project
Adrian Paul Birthday Project 2010

2010 Adrian Holiday Project
2011 Adrian Birthday Project
2011 Adrian Holiday Project
2012 Adrian Paul Birthday Project

Due to medical problems, the owner was unable to create a card for Adrian for Holiday 2012.
Our apologies.

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