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This is the latest info available to me. If I'm missing any info, or have something incorrect,
please contact me! Thanks!

"Things Just Change"
April 5,6,12, & 13, 2005
Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles, CA
(some of the Adrian's Angels traveled to Los Angeles to see Adrian on stage. Check out our fun time and thoughts about the play.
Click HERE!!

You can catch several short video clips from the play on

They are worth it!!!!

"The Break" --- Paul --- Bromley Theatre Playhouse

"Loyalties" --- Lorenzo--- Bromley Theatre Playhouse

(no idea the years he was in these plays, sorry)

"Straight And Narrow" --- BBC Television Play (unsure of the year)

Has been moved to....  Adrian Paul Audio page

We are aware that Adrian might have done some work in Hungary, Russia and England but we have no specifics. :(    
(aired August 1996 Commercial)

Both the long and short versions of the "Perfect Silhouette" bra commercials were aired.

Adrian tells the story of how this commercial came to fruition in PEACE Issue #10.

Victoria's secret commercial
(this was passed on to me, but no idea who created it. I can see it looks like S Gallagher...but not sure. :>(      
I'd love to give credit where credit is due, so e-mail me if this fantastic collage is yours)

Watch it HERE!

Directed by Herb Ritts, it also starred: Denis Rodman, Helena Christienson, Naomi Campbell and Vendela.


We are only aware of two videos.
 If the embedded videos do not work for you
check out YouTube.

(1989 Music Video)
     Sheena Easton's music video.
Did you know that Sheena appeared in an episode of Higlander?
(Annie Devlin, 1993, episode "An Eye for an Eye")

(1981? Music Video)
     The Duran Duran music video

Did you know that the music video for Duran Duran "My Own Way" was directed by Russell Mulcahy.  He also directed "Highlander I" and Highlander II"?

(Television Appearances)

Entertainment Tonight

"Finale" filming at the Eiffle Tower
in Paris.
Keenan Ivory Wayons' Show
December 4, 1997
Vibe (Sinbad)
23 April 1998

Adrian got up to show off his early dance moves from he travelled with a Dance Troupe.

A surprise guest was Ali Landry (Miss USA, 1996) who heard Adrian was in the building filming and had to stop by.

WWF Smackdown  
10 August 2000

Promotion for "Highlander: Endgame"
at the Smackdown event in New Jersey with The Edge, Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert and Lisa Barbuscia.

Screencaps courtesy of Arddunol
Regis Live
11 August 2000
Adrian and the cast from "Highlander: Endgame"
made the rounds of appearances to promote
the release.

E! Coming Attractions
(August 2000)..... aired the trailer for "Highlander: Endgame."

FNC's Celebrity Spotlight  (August 2000).... an interview with
Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert and Lisa Barbuscia about their new movie
"Highlander: Endgame."

FNC's Fall Film Festival (August 2000) interview with Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert and Lisa Barbuscia  about their new movie "Highlander: Endgame."

CBS's The Early Show (September 1, 2000) interview with
Adrian Paul about the release of his new movie "Highlander: Endgame."
Politically Incorrect
September 2000

Host: Bill Maher

Other guests were Jaime Pressly, Anthony Anderson and Lakita Garth.

A range of topics, but Adrian hardly uttered a word. He was talked over several times...:>(

We found the interview on Veoh in several sections.

(Thanks Ysanne!)
The Early Show
(September 2001)

Adrian appeared on the popular
show to promote the release of "Highlander: Endgame " and even though it was early morning there streets were
lined with fans.

Watch the Interview..........

Adrian on Open Mile
w/Mike Bullard
October 12, 2001

Canada television show. Adrian was there to discuss his new TV, "Tracker."
Adrian also appeared again on Open Mike W/ Mike Bullard
March/April 2002

Adrian was there to discuss his new movie, "Code Hunter."
The Other Half
 January 10,  2002

Screencap courtesy of Arddunol
Sadly we were unable to keep this feature updated.

Our apologies and if you are aware of any interviews we missed and would like
to share info or pics,
please E-mail me.
After Hours (1993?)
KTLA Morning News Show (1994?)
Sci-Fi Channel's Vortex (1994?)
Lifestyles  (February 1995)  
aka... Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
U-TV (September 1995)
Punkt 12  (German-May 1995)
Explosive (German- May 1995)
Late Night Show w/Thomas Koschwite
 (German-May 1995)
Entertainment Tonight (May 26, 1995)
Extra (June 4, 1995)
FX's Breakfast Time (June 13, 1995)
Conan O'Brien Show (June 14, 1995)
Jon Stewart Show (June 15, 1995)
Mike And Maddie  (August 3, 1994)
Entertainment Tonight (October 9, 1995)
Entertainment Tonight
(1995)...."La Carrera Panamericana"
Entertainmnt Tonight (December 16, 1995)
Entertainment Tonight
(1996)..... "Comes A Horseman" in Bordeaux, France.
TV MOVIE Show (German-1997)
TeleClub Plus (French-1997)
PEACE on the Planet-A Gift for the Children
 (Christmas 1997)
Gabereau Live  
(March 1998), ...from Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)
Entertainment Tonight (November 1999)
CNN World Report
(10 January 2000)..... filming "Highlander 4: The Endgame" in Romania.  Featuring interviews with: Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Bill Panzer and Peter Davis.
KTLA MOrning News Show (November 28, 2001)
KTLA Morning (February 2002)

If anyone has some pics from any of these TV shows
and would like to share (pretty please?!)
 or provide a link, just E-mail us!

Info and pics courtesy of Linda Arfsten and Gail Kallen. Thanks to everyone who's done screencaps and shared them. If I've inadvertantly used something belonging to you and you
want credit, please contact me. If you have anything to add to this list, please contact Linda.

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