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Highlander Chats:
Adrian Paul

May 10, 1995

Note: Any links or addresses in the chat are very old and no longer applicable. Thx
Adrian Paul's first Chat on June 3, 1994 ---------------------------------------------
OnlineHost: Copyright 1994 America Online, Inc. All rights reserved.

OnlineHost: Your attending emcee for tonight's event is LindaSG.
OnlineHost: Currently he stars in one of the most popular internationally syndicated series, "Highlander". Adrian Paul was the first actor to be seen in the role of Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who has been around for over 400 years. When the producers saw him, there was no question that the physically agile and well-trained actor was their "Duncan".
OnlineHost: Now going into its third season, Paul trained (and continues to train) extensively in the martial arts in order to be prepared for the physically demanding role. He, in fact, does most of his own stunt work! He's married to Meilani Paul, one of the Pepsi "Uh-huh Girls". Paul spends much of his rare free time playing with his many pet Rottweilers.
OnlineHost: Other leisure-time activities include reading and practicing his martial arts skills. He lives in both Vancouver and Paris, where the series is shot, and returns to Los Angeles for his brief hiatuses. Now on hiatus, Adrian Paul has taken this opportunity to meet his online public.

Welcome to Center Stage, Adrian!
AdrianPl: Hello, everyone! Great to be here.
LindaSG: Any remarks for the audience, Adrian?
AdrianPl: Nice to be able to talk to you all out there in computer land, one of the few chances I get to talk to my fans other than the correspondence I have received through the fan club and the production office. I hope we'll have a lot of fun. Aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd, the questions please!

Question: Adrian, you are magnificent. I love watching you. Do you live in the states? I know your series "Highlander" is now in it's third season, will there be a new love interest?
AdrianPl: Yes and yes.

Question: How and why did Richie become an immortal?
AdrianPl: Richie was like a caterpillar waiting to turn into a butterfly. His immortality was always there and only I knew of it.

Question: Any idea of where the show will be located next season? AdrianPL: Vancouver, Paris and possibly Spain. Question: Any chance of a "Highlander III" movie with you as the star?
AdrianPl: Who knows?

Question: Since Christopher Lambert refused the role in "Highlander III" (or it might just be some crazy rumor), will you go to work on that project instead? AdrianPl: "Highlander III" has already finished shooting with Christopher in the lead role.

Question: How did Richie become immortal? When you are in the presence of an immortal, you feel and sense their presence. When you met Richie this did not take place. It was only after he died that he became an immortal. Explain, please.
AdrianPl: I felt the buzz when he first came into the antique store and throughout the first season there were moments that I understood his destiny, but I couldn't tell him or anyone else about it. Although the buzz was mistaken by the audience for Slan Quince or Connor MacLeod.

Question: Which do you prefer, stage acting or TV? AdrianPl: Whichever pays me the most. But seriously, the better roles interest me. LindaSG: We have a comment from the audience. Comment: I first saw you in "War of the Worlds". I fell in love with your voice first. The rest followed soon after.
AdrianPl: Thank you. (deep baritone voice)

Question: AOL's bio didn't comment on whether you had an interest in martial arts before you became involved with your current role. How involved were you previously, and what types of training have you done? What are you doing for "Highlander"?
AdrianPl: I've had six years training in martial arts which include Taekwando, boxing and currently Kung Fu. Over the past two years it has been an extensive training session for me in both weapons and open-hand combat.

Question: Adrian, is this your first time online? AdrianPl: Yes, and I'm loving it. Question: Are you coming to Florida soon? AdrianPl: Why? Question: Adrian, how much martial arts training do you really have?
AdrianPl: I just answered that in the previous question. Peace.

Question: Is this really Mr. Adrian Paul? How did a big guy like you learn to type so well?
AdrianPl: Well, I used to be a hairdresser, typist and manicurist in another life.

Question: Where did you get your theatrical training?
AdrianPl: In Europe, New York and Los Angeles.

Question: Did you have any idea of the immense following you have on the various computer services? I subscribe to several newsgroups and lists. AdrianPl: I had heard that there was quite a following, but I didn't realize 352 people would be joining me today.

Question: I have enjoyed "Highlander" since it came out. How is the show doing ratings wise? Does the future look good?
AdrianPl: It looks good enough for me to start shooting on June 27th! And in Europe it's a huge hit.

Question: Hi there. My name's Nancy Melito and I belong to both "The Gathering" and "PEACE". Thank you for taking time to answer our questions like this. My family is mostly of Italian descent. What part of Italy is your mom from? Does she do any regional cooking?
AdrianPl: My mother's from Florence and she's a FANTASTIC cook, as my dad will verify.

Question: What would you say are the biggest differences between the European (both British and Continental) and American audiences?
AdrianPl: Not a great deal, but they have slightly different tastes. The European audiences are a younger audience so far. The American audience, however, also happens to include lawyers, doctors and professional people.

Question: I enjoyed seeing Meilani very much. Of what origin is her name and what does it mean?
AdrianPl: Meilani is a Hawaiian name. Her mother named her that because her other daughter was named Leilani and you couldn't have a Doris and a Leilani. They wouldn't go together.

Question: Why do your clothes keep current even though you are over 400 years old?
AdrianPl: Because I have to blend in with the times as I've done over the past 400 years. ---------------------------------

Question: Are you going to be in any movies in the near future?
AdrianPl: Hopefully. Know anyone who needs an out of work, 400-year-old immortal actor?

Question: Would you ever appear in a "Highlander" movie, if asked?
AdrianPl: Possibly.

Question: Will next season be split between the U.S. and Paris also?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: If a "Dark Shadows" movie comes to be, as it's been rumored, would you consider being in it in another role?
AdrianPl: Yes, I'd love to work with Ben Cross again.

Question: Adrian, what's the real story behind Richie's transformation into an immortal, after his death defending Tessa? Why didn't she become immortal also?
AdrianPl: Richie was always immortal. Tessa wasn't, much to Duncan's chagrin. He lost a love and found a friend.

Question: Are you the handsome dark creature I've seen on television?
AdrianPl: Absolutely! (with a baritone voice!)

Comment: Greetings, Adrian? I'm a huge fan. How did you first get involved with the show?
AdrianPl: I met the producers in Hollywood. I met them again and again and again and again. And after the tapes went half way around the world, they decided to give me the role.

Question: Explain how Richie could become immortal after he was shot. Immortals feel the presence of other immortals. When Richie was first introduced, you did not have this feeling. I thought you had to be born immortal.
AdrianPl: Richie, as I explained before, was like a butterfly waiting to be born. I knew of his immortality because of the time spent with him. But no one else could know. If they did, it would endanger his life.

Question: Hi, I like the show and LOVE the swordfights. Are they scary to do? I always wondered how Errol Flynn made out. He said that Tony Quinn almost put his eye out.
AdrianPl: Well, I've been cut, bruised, battered and stitched but had a lot of fun doing it.

Question: "Highlander" has had some really well-done love scenes. Is it difficult for you to do love scenes with the crew and camera watching?
AdrianPl: No, it's not difficult because the crew is usually very understanding of these delicate moments and only a skeleton number of them remain during these love scenes. And besides, I pay them not to look.

Comment: What can you tell us about what is planned for the third season?
AdrianPl: There will be a new love interest that will be totally different than Tessa. There will be a development of human relationships and human frailties within the episodes. And a lot of questions that have been asked about the sword, the Watchers and other plots will be played out.

Question: What did you like best about acting on "Dark Shadows"?
AdrianPl: The costumes, the fun and the haunted house that we worked in.

Question: Will Charlie be returning for the third season?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: I hoped that the writers would have used Richie's' transformation to tell us more about the background of the immortals. It would have made a great show. Why didn't they use it to fill in the gaps?
AdrianPl: They probably will do so during the second season and there have been scenes shot that will probably be used during the third season that will explain these gaps.

Question: Now that you have sold the barge and are leaving Paris, where will you go? In what city will you live? What will be your profession?
AdrianPl: I will be going back to Vancouver and eventually back to Paris where you will see me doing something that I have been doing in my own life for the past three years, remodeling an old home.

Question: Adrian, are you attending any of the World Cup Games? Which ones? What is your favorite team? You'd make a fantastic James Bond! AdrianPl: Yes, I will be attending three of the games. Unfortunately, not any more than that. Brazil or Italy. Although unfortunately, I would have liked to have seen England play. Signing off Bond...James Bond.

Question: Do you have any input into the show? Can you give us an example of when one of your ideas were used?
AdrianPl: I have a lot of input into the show. The end scene of the very last episode when Tessa's double took me to the cemetery was originally scheduled for the barge, but Horton's character would never have chosen such an easy place to defeat his most difficult foe. Eventually the writers saw the wisdom of this idea.

Question: With all the practice sword fighting, would you think of making a sword and sorcery type movie?
AdrianPl: It depends on the script. I like action, but I'd like to do something that has more humor involved in it as hopefully will "Highlander" next year.

Question: What things about Adrian Paul's character in "Highlander" does he like the most?
AdrianPl: His integrity, his faithfulness to one woman and his wisdom.

Question: Can I get an autographed picture for my son Mitchell? He never misses "Highlander". He's five and loves you and won't me let cut his hair so he will look more like you.
AdrianPl: I'd be delighted to sign a picture for your son and you can write to me at PEACE-The Adrian Paul Fan Club, 12439 Magnolia Blvd. #159, North Hollywood, CA 91607.

Comment: Where are you originally from, Adrian, and how would a fan write to you?
AdrianPl: As it states in the bio in the premiere issue of PEACE-The Adrian Paul Fan Club newsletter, I was born and raised in England with an Italian mother and an English father.

Question: Where in the world do you pull your sword out from? Lots of people want to know!
AdrianPl: Then they'll just have to keep guessing but it does cause for quite a tailor bill!

Question: Adrian, my daughter who is ten is a big fan of "Highlander". She wants to know why the cast changes. "Mom," she says, "ask him why Tessa is off the show." Were the changes for continuity or did you or the producers want the show to go in a different direction?
AdrianPl: Alexandra Vandernoot wanted her career to not be totally associated with Duncan's girlfriend. So she decided to pursue other roles. Although I believe that it will allow Duncan to not be so morose and worry about whether Tessa's in danger from another immortal. ---------------

Question: My wife wished to know if that is really your butt or is it padded? She loves your show.
AdrianPl: My butt has always been my butt and no one else's. It has been with me ever since I was born.

Question: Was Adrian Paul surprised by "Highlander" fandom? AdrianPl: Yes. Question: Do you do much of your own choreography? Your martial arts and sword sequences are some of the best I have ever seen.
AdrianPl: Most of the time the fight sequences are choreographed by myself depending on the stunt double that I'm dealing with. The sword fights are choreographed by the sword master and I add a few touches that I believe are character involved. That has a continuation of the relationship between the other immortal and myself.

Question: Do you practice with your sword a lot? How is Paris?
AdrianPl: A fair amount, although I don't have as much time as I'd like to perfect some of the styles that Duncan could utilize. And Paris was great, but freezing.

Question: What would happen to an immortal who broke the rules and killed another on holy ground? Are these restrictions supposed to be custom or something they can't physically do?
AdrianPl: Ask the producers...and the man that holds the "Highlander" bible, Bill Panzer. Question: I have worked with Rottweilers. They can be very tough, dominant dogs. What is it that you like about them? AdrianPl: I like their intelligence. I like their strength and their faithfulness. I also like their affectionate nature.

Question: Has this role brought you the most attention, in terms of overall demographics (worldwide)?
AdrianPl: Yes, it's the role that's caused the most attention in my career. Question: Is it hard to film your show?

AdrianPl: Very. I work fourteen hours a day, including weekends sometimes.

LindaSG: We have this comment from the audience: Comment: Your acting and screen/television presence has a rich and mature European air that is very refreshing on American television. Keep up the good work!
AdrianPl: Thank you.

Question: Do you have any family members that act on your show? I have seen the name "Paul" on the beginning credits.
AdrianPl: It's nice to have a response in television where you don't have contact with your audience. Funny, I could have sworn that was my name at the beginning, but who knows? Yes, my wife participated last year and so did my brother, his girlfriend and my baby nephew. And you'll have to guess which show that was.

Question: How old really are you and do you wear a wig? I love your show! I watch it on KOFY every Sunday!
AdrianPl: I'm old enough to answer this question and young enough not to wear a wig.

Question: What is 'holy ground'? Does the religion matter?
AdrianPl: No, holy ground can be anywhere that is sanctified by a religious belief.

Question: I don't suppose you'll be at the premier of "Highlander III" will you? Also, do you have any movie roles coming up? I hope so!
AdrianPl: If they send me free tickets, I might be at the premiere, but unfortunately, my work on "Highlander" takes up nine months of the year. And in the other three months, I have to spend some time at home.

Question: Adrian, Tessa I'm sure was extremely popular on the show. Was there a backlash of complaints after she was taken from the show?
AdrianPl: Yes, there was. Especially from female viewers who believed Duncan would then become another bed-hopping leading man, but I wouldn't let that happen.

Question: Why did we lose Alexandra Vandernoot?
AdrianPl: Because she wanted to pursue her own career.

Question: Is playing a tragic hero more satisfying?
AdrianPl: Than what?

Question: Adrian, how many seasons do you foresee continuing in the role of Duncan on "Highlander"?
AdrianPl: I don't know. As long as you people out there keep watching.

Comment: Is your hair short or long? It's hard to tell in each flashback. I like the short.
AdrianPl: I answer this question in PEACE-The Adrian Paul Fan Club newsletter. Get a copy! Peace.

Question: Is Adrianne Paul, Stephanie on "Bay Watch" related to Adrian Paul?
AdrianPl: NO!

Question: Congratulations on a third season! I'd like to know how to get information on writer's guidelines and script submission. Can you tell me how to find out that information?
AdrianPl: Write to Rysher Entertainment and direct your letter to the producers of "Highlander". Question: How did you become an actor? I would like to act someday. How do you like what you do?
AdrianPl: I love what I do and I started stage work through my days in Europe. Besides, the rest of the answer you can find in PEACE. Have I plugged this newsletter enough? I wouldn't, normally, but my agent's standing next to me.

Question: Is there any chance we'll see the actress who played Tessa back in flashbacks next season? I really liked Duncan and Tessa together!
AdrianPl: There's always a possibility of that because they've shot so much footage of us together.

Question: What are your other credits?
AdrianPl: "Love Potion #9", "Last Rites", "War of the Worlds", "Masque of the Red Death", "The Colbys" amongst others. ----------------

Question: My sons and I thoroughly enjoy watching the show. What was your favorite episode and why?
AdrianPl: I have several. Sometimes because of the good script, sometimes because of the actors I worked with. "Sea Witch", "Band of Brothers", "Return of Amanda" and "Pharoah's Daughter" are to name but a few.

Question: I'd love to see more scenes from the past in your show. They are always my favorite parts. Maybe you could do whole episodes set in the past. Any possibilities of that happening?
AdrianPl: Yes. But it's a contemporary show and it may not be to everyone's taste.

Question: Is the series no longer going to be set in Paris and, if not, where?
AdrianPl: It is. Bye.

Question: Adrian, your acting skill has made you the ideal persona for the Duncan character. Do you expect to carry that over into a "Highlander" movie role?
AdrianPl: I expect it to carry my career over to other movie roles be it "Highlander" or another project.

Question: Adrian, have you ever been compared to a young Sean Connery? Have you done any shows with him or are there plans to do one?
AdrianPl: I would LOVE to work with Sean Connery as he was my idol when I was younger, the best James Bond there ever was. And yes, I have been fortunately compared to him.

Question: I heard you didn't like your "War of the Worlds" experience. Could you tell us why?
AdrianPl: Because I believe the show was story-driven rather than character- driven. Not to say that I didn't like the show, but I think it could have been better written and, in some cases, better acted.

Question: What type of books do you enjoy? What would Duncan read?
AdrianPl: I enjoy Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler and any other intellectual magazine. No, I enjoy some science fiction such as Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles", but also biographical books such as Cary Grant's autobiography. Duncan, I believe, would read such a variety of topics because his knowledge can be greatly increased by the input that mortals can give him.

Question: My son wants to know your favorite author and musical group. AdrianPl: My favorite author is Shakespeare or Tennessee Williams. I have a variety of musical tastes that include groups such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, Toni Braxton, Mozart and Enigma.

Question: I'm sure the producers weren't certain of Highlander's reception in the States, as reaction to science fiction series seems unpredictable at best. I'm not familiar with the European market. How has reaction compared with their estimation?
AdrianPl: I think they're very pleased with the 34% jump that "Highlander" has made from the first season, the largest syndicated show to show an increase in ratings.

Question: Will the character "Richie" continue with Mr. Paul on the series?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: Now that Timothy Dalton has resigned from his role as James Bond, the spot is for grab. A lot of people have suggested you would make a GREAT James Bond. Would you be interested?
AdrianPl: Very. I think I understand who Bond is and I've already met with the producers. Although the shooting of "Highlander" may be a problem with their schedule.

Question: Hi there! I like your show. What majority is filmed in Vancouver? AdrianPl: About 2/3 of the episodes. Question: Were you a fan of "Highlander" before "Siries"?
AdrianPl: Yes, I'd seen both films. I enjoyed "Highlander I" immensely.

Question: There are active online fan groups here and on other services. Do the producers and writers ever listen in on the chat?
AdrianPl: Sometimes.

Question: What was the earring Duncan was wearing in the pilot?
AdrianPl: It was a diamond earring that I believed the character should have as he has traveled through time and would bring a certain flair to him. This small token was not seen to be in Duncan's character by the producers. So out it went.

Question: Do the powers that be at "Highlander" know how poorly the series is treated by many stations in the U.S. and can they do anything about it? AdrianPl: Unfortunately, with the syndicated market the stations have the power to put the show on where they perceive it to run best. I agree that this show could have twice, if not three or four times the ratings, if it was treated correctly by these stations.

Question: Did Adrian Paul have any reservations about playing the role of Duncan MacLeod? I ask this because I know how vicious "Highlander" fans can be.
AdrianPl: No, I didn't. I looked forward to the challenge.

Question: Have you ever seen the "Highlander" internet mailing list?
AdrianPl: Yes, I did. And I thank all of you that sent me birthday greetings via Internet.

Question: What will you be doing during the hiatus from the series?
AdrianPl: My hiatus is about to finish, although I have been working on publicity, the new fan club and training for season three.

Question: Adrian, overall, how did you feel about the second season? Did you like it better or worse than the first?
AdrianPl: Better than the first. It was better written, executed and acted.

Question: Do you have a Mac? AdrianPl: Ohh, do I have a Mac? I just spent too much money on a new one to get the newsletter out!

Question: Do you do all of your own "sword fighting" on screen? Has your dance training helped you in this endeavor and do you currently continue to train as a dancer?

AdrianPl: I do all my own sword fights. My choreography has definitely helped me remember the many moves during a sword fight, but I don't train as a dancer any longer. -------------------------

Question: I have seen a few episodes of "Highlander". Do you kill another immortal in every one?
AdrianPl: No.

Question: Is "The Gathering" the fan club you mentioned a moment ago?
AdrianPl: NO! It's PEACE-The Adrian Paul Fan Club that just premiered the end of May.

Question: Who will be playing the new love interest? I'd love to see Renee back?
AdrianPl: That is undetermined as of yet, but whoever that will be will have to have the chemistry that Duncan had with Tessa.

Question: Are there going to be any tapes made from the first season episodes soon?
AdrianPl: There are already tapes, I believe, two of them in the U.S. that contain two episodes a piece and have been made into an hour and a half long movie.

Question: Will there be any link between the "Highlander" t.v. series and the upcoming "Highlander III" film?
AdrianPl: No.

Question: Will there be any shows next season that have a lighter tone. I love the show, but I think your character needs to have a little more fun and not be so serious all the time.
AdrianPl: This is something that I have spoken many times to the writers about. Although the content of the show has a dark side to it, I want to see if we can bring a few more smiles on a few more people's faces next season.

Question: Will Meilani be on "Highlander" in the third season?
AdrianPl: Pffhhtt, I don't know.

Question: How come immortals can't have children?
AdrianPl: I don't know. Ask the producers!

Question: How about new characters? We've met lots this season. Will any be coming back?
AdrianPl: Hopefully, Duncan will be surrounded by recurring characters as it started to happen last season.

Question: What is the "explained" nature of "The Quickening" and what is your motivation as an actor in portraying it?
AdrianPl: "The Quickening" is the receiving of all the power and knowledge another immortal has obtained throughout his/her life. It is like the receiving of a sacrament or a massive orgasm. That's my motivation.

Question: Well, we have a lot of fun here. We like to play "guest immies we'd like to see". Who would YOU most like to work with?
AdrianPl: Miguel Ferrer, my brother in law, Ben Cross and Sean Connery amongst other great actors out there.

Question: Adrian, how do you manage to stay fit while working fifteen-hour days?
AdrianPl: The sword fights and the action sequences keep my cardiovascular active and I also work out if I can in the gym, as well as doing my martial art forms.

Question: Has the series received any complaints regarding sexual content? If so, do you know what percentage originate in the States, and is there action on the part of the writers/producers?
AdrianPl: No, sexual content has been very low on this show. And in fact, I think it needs more of it.

Question: Your bio mentions that you speak three languages. Did you grow up in a bilingual home? AdrianPl: Yes, my mother taught me Italian and my father taught me Cockney. And I learned French in school as well, later on in Paris.

Question: Are there going to be any returns of other immortals in the near future? AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: Will you be attending any conventions this year?
AdrianPl: YES! The Highlander Convention that is in Denver on October 7, 8 and 9. For details contact Krystmas Tarr,

Question: Why did Duncan sell the barge? I'll miss it! Will you?
AdrianPl: Yes, but as Duncan said at the end of season two, it was time to move on.

Question: What is the form of martial arts that you concentrate on the most?
AdrianPl: The form I concentrate in is Kung Fu. A form called Hung Gar is the basis of the several forms that I have learned.

Question: Did Duncan know if Richie was an immortal prior to Richie's death?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: I really liked your series and am a fan of the original movie as well. Are there any plans for Connor to visit the series again?
AdrianPl: If they pay him enough money.

Question: Have the writers/producers ever considered the religious implications of immortals? I notice that Duncan often interacts with priests, etc. AdrianPl: I'm not certain of your question, but I think Duncan does accept that religion has a very large part to play in all our lives.

Question: Have the writers defined how close two immortals must be to sense each other?
AdrianPl: No, that's been an ongoing question through season two.

Question: Adrian, how much training goes into your preparation for the sword fight scenes in the show? Was it a skill you learned just for the show or were you familiar with it before?
AdrianPl: I'd learned the katana prior to doing the show, but most of the skills that I have acquired in sword fighting have been during the past three years.

Question: Are you going to do more with the crystal we saw in "Legacy" this season?
AdrianPl: I don't know. Ask David Abramowitz, the writer.

Question: I live in Northern California and regret to say that I've never heard that "Highlander" was a series. When and what network?
AdrianPl: It's syndicated on a lot of CBS channels, depending on the area in which you live. Check your "TV Guide" for local listings.

Question: The series has done very well. I enjoy watching how it unfolds each week. Gregory Widen started the concept of "Highlander". Does he have any written material available? AdrianPl: I can't answer that question. I don't know. But he doesn't have anything to do with the show right now. -----------------------

Question: Was the name Duncan chosen because it means "king" and there can be only one?
AdrianPl: Duncan was chosen at the last minute and Duncan means "dark warrior" in Gaelic. And Adrian means "dark one" in Latin, I believe. So I think they just got lucky.

Question: Did Tessa know about Richie's latent immortality?
AdrianPl: No.

Question: Will your wife be able to come with you to the Con in October? AdrianPl: Possibly. Why? You want to meet her?

Question: In the season finale did they use your wife's voice dubbed over Alexandra V.'s?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: Why do you use a katana instead of a sword more traditionally Scottish?
AdrianPl: See first episode, season three and everything will be explained.

Question: I know you were born in London. Did you grow up there?
AdrianPl: Yes.

Question: A friend would like to know if you have studied astrology and know your time of birth?
AdrianPl: Not even my mother knows the time I was born because she wasn't wearing a watch at the time and it was dark. But I think it was sometime in the afternoon between two and six o'clock.

Question: What would you like to see as the final episode of "Highlander"?
AdrianPl: Well, there can be only one. Go figure!

Question: Is this your first visit with AOL and how did you decide to visit with us?
AdrianPl: My assistant happens to be a subscriber and thought it would be a good idea to meet my public.

Question: Is the "Horton" character really dead this time? AdrianPl: Yes. He's dead as dead can be.

LindaSG: Folks, that's all we have time for tonight! Thanks so much to Adrian Paul for this great conference!

AdrianPl: Thanks for this great evening. See you in the pages of PEACE and at the convention in the fall. Peace. Thank you, Linda. You were a great host.

OnlineHost: Our thanks to Adrian Paul for a glimpse into his active life as an actor, model. If you missed any of this exciting event, be sure to stop back, using the keyword: "CENTER STAGE" within a few days for a complete transcript of his appearance. Until then, thank you and good night! OnlineHost: Copyright 1994 America Online, Inc. All rights reserved

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