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French Chat Translation
Translations courtesy of Wain ( who kindly took the time and patience
to translate these interviews. She asks that you forgive any typos, the translations were done quickly
and some words are hard to convert to English. Also, many thanks to Anne and Sheryl for spreading
the word, and to Marjon, Karen and Debbie G for the screen caps. we've taken the liberty of moving
Adrian's answers underneath the exact question. Since Wain typed them as they came on screen,
the answers were coming after others were asking new questions. We hope this is less confusing.

October 10, 2004

Adrian Paul News Archive 2004

-Adrian Paul: Hello, my friends. How are you? I'm waiting for your questions.
-mik: how are you?
-Adrian Paul: I'm very well, thanks, and you?

-Fadette: Peekaboo, Adrian! What did you think about the show with Cauet? Not too much of a surprise?
-Adrian Paul: Not too much, except that I don't like carrots! (Don't ask me, Forumlanders, I have no idea who Cauet is or what the bit the carrots is about. Was that on the video clips? I didn't have time to watch finals this week.)

-mik: You look tired.
-Adrian Paul: Well, thank you very much. Luckily, I can't see you.
-Adrian Paul: Is that a statement or a question? :)

-Methos: What are you doing now besides promoting the series?
-Adrian Paul: I'm talking to you to tell you to buy the series. It's super important. ;)

-mik: How long will you be in France?
-Adrian Paul: A week.
-Adrian Paul: It's too cold!

-offrock: Good evening. Adrian, do you think that all of the seasons of HL will be released on DVD in France?
-Adrian Paul: Surely bit by bit if you're wise. You have to be immortal to have all six. =)

-veroduncan: Don't you regret having left a series that was going so well?
-Adrian Paul: No, because after six years that was enough, and it was better for my career not to be too attached to the series.

-Samuel: What's your favorite season of HL?
-Adrian Paul: Season 4 or 5 because there was more style, more quality.

-PyroMoustico: What's it like to be compared to Van Damme?
-Adrian Paul: That's the first time I've been compared to Van Damme!

-mik: Do you do martial arts?
-Adrian Paul: Yeah, I've been doing them for fifteen years, Kung Fu (Hung Gar) style.

-veroduncan: You are just too handsome. Do you have a fiancée?
-Adrian Paul: Yes :) If I say yes, then I lose my whole audience. If I say no, then she'll smack me. =)

-Marcus: Will we see you as James Bond soon? ';-)'
-Adrian Paul: Right now they're deciding if they want a 25 year old Bond because they might want to do a prequel. If they go for that, I can't play someone who's 25 .

-Fadette: Have you kept in contact with other actors from the series?
-Adrian Paul: Yeah, still, of course. I got an e-mail from Jim Byrnes the other week and I saw Elisabeth Gracen around two weeks ago. I'm still in contact with them.

-mik: Can you tell us your best memory from filming HL?
-Adrian Paul: There are too many of them. It's a little hard to list them here, but I think the best thing is that I made a lot of good friends during the series.

-Samuel: Do you have any news about Christophe Lambert ?
-Adrian Paul: Not for the last two years because he works too much and travels all over the place.

-Samuel: Will there be a HL5 with avec Adrian Paul ?
-Adrian Paul: Maybe. They're talking about our script right now, but I'm not sure that I'll want to do it because it depends on the quality of the script.

-PyroMoustico: Any other projects underway?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, I'm in the process of presenting an idea about the life of Giacomo Casanova.

-veroduncan: Who were your favorite actors or actresses in the series?
-Adrian Paul: As far as favorite actors, that's a hard question because I had really good actors in really good roles, and if I remember one or two it would be Elisabeth Gracen, Alexandra Vandernoot, Roger Daltrey among many others.

-mik: Stop! My mom and friend can't take any more! LOL
-Adrian Paul: Are they excited? I'm happy. =)

-PyroMoustico: Casanova ?! Because he resembles you or because you admire him?
-Adrian Paul: Because he isn't known for all of the things he did in his life.
-Adrian Paul: He was very sophisticated, very intelligent and also very sexual and he had fantastic adventures that people don't know about.

-Samuel: Did you have a hand in writing any episodes of the series?
-Adrian Paul: I had a hand in the ideas and when I received a script for the next episode, usually the first thing that I did was  talk to the scriptwriter to change some things that had to do with my character with relation to other characters in the episode.

-Samuel: Did you think it was a good idea to make Richie Ryan disappear from the series by having Duncan decapitate him?
-Adrian Paul: Yes!

-Samuel: What do you think of the series "The Immortal" that derived, in part, from HL?
-Adrian Paul: I haven't seen the series and I know that it had some problems with the setting, but it's difficult to get something out of the viewers' heads once it's there.

-Duncan78: Have you ever gotten hurt while filming?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, lots of times!!! I still have scars, look here!

-Marcus: Will we be able to see you while you're in Paris?
-Adrian Paul: No, I won't be here long, and after these two work days I'll have to go and amuse myself a little in a little town I'm very fond of.

-Fadette: How long have you been working on behalf of the PEACE foundation? AT the risk of looking silly, you were the one who founded it.
-Adrian Paul: I did found it, and it worked for two years and after that, I stopped because I wanted to concentrate on something else. It was very successful and I wasn't able to grow it alone, it was too much work.

-cactana: Will there be a HL convention in France?
-Adrian Paul: I'm not sure
-Adrian Paul: Do you want to do one? ;)

-Samuel: What kind of music do you like? Who's your favorite singer?
-Adrian Paul: R&B, Reggae. I don't have a favorite singer because I like too many styles of music and singers.

-mik: Have you made a HL blooper reel? (Forumlanders, I deserve extra-double-dark chocolate brownie points for finding "blooper").
-Adrian Paul: Yes, it's in the DVD boxed set!! You've got to buy it!!! When you see it, they didn't get my ass!! (I have no idea what he means; feel free to speculate.)

-Modérateur: Why did you cut your ponytail?
-Adrian Paul: Because it was time to do it, and I sold it to a charity organization that needed it.
-Methos: Are there actors or directors you'd like to work with?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, a lot. Luc Besson is the first one that comes to mind and Sophie Marceau is sublime. :p

-Marcus: You were always so well dressed in the series. Did you choose the wardrobe?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, but not all the time but I had a choice every week of the outfits that were presented to me.

-offrock: I bought the DVD and it's great and very complete. BRAVO
-Adrian Paul: Thanks a lot !! But I'm not the one who made it, it was Opening.

-luc: What's become of the other actors in the series, especially Stan Kirch?
-Adrian Paul: Stan Kirch is an acting teacher and Elisabeth Gracen left the business. Alexandra works in France. Jim plays a lot of music now. Peter Wingfield is still an actor, he's made a lot of films including X-Men !!

-Methos: What do you think of current Hollywood movies ?
-Adrian Paul: Hollywood movies are run by money, from time to time they're well made and other times I'm not sure I know what a script is made.

-luc: Do you prefer to film in the US or France ?
-Adrian Paul: They're two different things. It depends on the film's style, on the project. IN the States they've got good quality action films because they have a lot of experience with the technical aspects. In France there's a quality to the setting.

-Samuel: I'd love to buy the barge in Paris that we see in the series. Is it yours?
-Adrian Paul: No, and I don't know where it is now. It was too cold inside!! Especially when in a season like this one.

-luc: Highlander End Game, do you think it's good movie?
-Adrian Paul: I think the film had some problems. It was a little confusing and that was the fault of the script and the editing.

-michelle: Do you follow a very strict diet? Are you a vegetarian or do you like French cuisine?
-Adrian Paul: It's pretty strict. I don't eat too many sauces, and from time to time French cuisine has a lot of cheese and sauces. So when I come to France I like to eat well but for a long time. And I'm not vegetarian.

-tombulle: Did you learn French filming HL in France or did you already speak it?
-Adrian Paul: I spoke it a little before; it got better when I was filming, Except that it's been a long time since I've used it and I'm losing words and phrases. I need a few days in France and it comes back bit by bit.

-mik: Did you do your own stunts in the series?
-Adrian Paul: Yeah, have you seen the scars? Well, not all of them but I often did the ones that weren't too dangerous. Now maybe I'd think twice before doing them.

-mik: How do you see your life as an immortal in the real world?
-Adrian Paul: Uh, I'm not an immortal and I don't have a sword hidden on me, especially with airport security being as tight as it is.

-Methos: Would you like to do a martial arts movie, with Jet Li maybe?
-Adrian Paul: That depends on the role, if it's a good script because I always look at scripts and also the people I have to work with.

-offrock: Why don't you produce the next HL yourself?
-Adrian Paul: Because I've done a lot of it. I decided to stop the series because six years was already enough.

-PyroMoustico: I could see you in Walker Texas Ranger. Would you like that?
-Adrian Paul: NO!! It's not my style.

-Fadette: Was the series as successful in the US as here in France?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, but I think that in Europe it was more successful because it was broadcast on the main channels but it was on cable in the US.

-Samuel: Are you completely satisfied with the last episode of the series?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, it's always hard to finish a series like HL, it was good to see all the things that happened in the series. When I saw the last script there was one thing that I didn't like but fortunately, I could change it. They wanted me to give a toast to the audience and I didn't want that, so I talked to them and said that it wasn't right to have such a good series end that way.
-Adrian Paul: Now they've decided to make Duncan leave in the future and in the next film.
-hilo: Do you think there was a philosophy of non-violence in the series?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, especially in the last season but it was really hard to show because the series had to do with cutting heads off, so I tried to put the idea of non-violence in Duncan's character when I could.

-Duncan78: Do you believe in reincarnation ?
-Adrian Paul: Yes.

-guy: Do you have an official website?
-Adrian Paul: Yes!

-Fadette: I can tell you that your French is great!
-Adrian Paul: Thanks but a colleague else is typing for me.

-caroline06: Do you think that your character in the series has influenced young people to do the same thing in real life?
-Adrian Paul: You mean cutting off heads ??????!!!!!
-Adrian Paul: If you're talking about influencing young people to have discipline in their life, then YES, because there are a lot of people who come to me to say that their child has changed his or her way of thinking after seeing the series.

-mik: Have you met the person who does your French voice?
-Adrian Paul: Yes, once. It's weird to hear myself in French.

-Mr_papayou: Have you done hot stuff on film?
-Adrian Paul: We did a lot of hot scenes in the series. And sometimes I've had the chance to do them in films. But it's weird that there's a hot scene in everything I do (but no X-rated stuff)

-mik: Does your character miss you a lot? We do.
-Adrian Paul: Not too much, but from time to time I have a good memory about my time on HL. But you have to know how to move on. non pas trop, mais de temps en temps j'ai le bon souvenir de mon.

-jul: What's the most memorable thing a fan has done for you?
-Adrian Paul: Once someone sent my name to the Institute for Peace for the things that I've done.

-laurence: It's hard to get news about you. You lead a quiet life, apparently away from show biz.
-Adrian Paul: No, because when I don't work, I don't talk to the papers, and in France they're different than in the US. I don't like being in front of the camera all the time.

-tiny: what are your plans for the Xmas holidays?
-Adrian Paul: Go to London, see my family.

-Samuel: You're magnificent in the Scottish kilt and long hair lol
-Adrian Paul: Thanks :)

-ggr: Do you have kids?
-Adrian Paul: no.

-Fang_Shiyu: Adrian Paul do you use the saber a lot since the series is over?
-Adrian Paul: Not too much, but I practice martial arts and martial arts weapons.

-steph13: Would you like to film in France again?
-Adrian Paul: That would be great because I love Paris.

-caroline06: Since you don't have a child, wouldn't you like one with a French woman? :)
-Adrian Paul: Are you talking about with Sophie Marceau ? She already has kids!

-Moderator: One last word for the cyberguests.
-Adrian Paul: Thanks for all of your admiration and faithfulness to the series. I hope I'll do something else that you like. Until next time, Bye! Adrian Paul.
-Adrian Paul: See you!!

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