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 Adrian Paul News Archive 2012
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Sadly, due to medical restrictions, the owner of this site has been unable to keep things current.
WE are attempting to recoup past info and get this page back up and running. If you have news and wish to help, please contact us  at:

~ DECEMBER 2012 ~ DECEMBER 2012 ~ DECEMBER 2012 ~
Combat Radio
December 28

ASHLEY PALMER (Paranormal Activity) SKIP ENGBLOM (Dogtown And Z-Boys, Lords Of Dogtown) MARK RYAN (Bumble Bee/Transformers, Black Sails, Robin Hood) TOM VITORINO (Manager of The Cult, The Doors, Big Country etc...) PRODUCER LOTA HADLEY (House Of Grimm) are in studio for this show..........!

Dec 19
Peace Fund Radio rolls into its third week! After remembering the victims of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, founder Adrian Paul and co-host Ethan Dettenmaier speak to Josselyn Durand about her work with Haitian refugees and the conditions in Haiti that make charitable action more desperately needed than ever. Mercy & Sharing Director of Development Louis Fawcett gives the latest updates about their own efforts in Haiti, and we give our listeners quick and easy tips about how we can all help to support the new orphans from our latest Peace Action Message. Download and share the show today!

Peace Fund Radio
Dec 12
The PEACE Fund continues its efforts to provide proper education and care to Haitian orphan Ingrid Barjen with another update from Mercy and Sharing Director of Development Louis Fawcett. When special guests Stephanie Erb (TRUE BLOOD, 24, WEEDS) and Tom Vitorino (manager of The Cult and The Doors) visit the studio to discuss their work assisting Combat Radio (produced by Ethan Dettanmaier) with their Second Annual Christmas Breakfast for Homeless Children, Ethan and Tom make a surprise pledge.

Dec 8
2nd Annual Charity Breakfast

Adrian arrives at the 2nd Annual Charity Breakfast for Homeless Children Valencia, CA complete with Transformer entourage.
Mark Ryan also attended as Adrian spoke with youngsters at the breakfast. Hosted by Combat Radio.

Peace in action!

Combat Radio
Dcember 7th


Combat Radio ramps up for their '2nd Annual Celebrity Christmas Breakfast For Homeless Children' ADRIAN PAUL (Highlander, Dark Shadows) drops by the studio! Rock icon GARY TWINN stops by! Manager DEREK MAKI (Coolwaters Productions) Mark Ryan (Bumble Bee/Transformers) TOM VITORINO (Manager of The Cult, The Doors etc...) GREG AMSLER (owner of Salt Creek Grille Valencia where Combat Radio hosts its Christmas Breakfast For Homeless kids) Producer/Director PHIL LIERNESS, CASEY RYAN (Of the Cutting Room Floor Broadcast) SSGT MARCELLAS of 'Toys For Tots' and Producer LOTA HADLEY are in studio for the action....

Dec 5
Peace Fund Radio
Adrian profiles the work of Mercy And Sharing and discusses The PEACE Fund's efforts to help a young Haitian orphan named Ingrid Barjen get proper shelter, education, and care! John Bierly calls in with his weekly PEACE Fund news update, and special guest Mark Ryan (Bumblebee from TRANSFORMERS, Robin Hood) drops by to talk about his work and charity efforts!

~ NOVEMBER 2012 ~ NOVEMBER 2012 ~ NOVEMBER 2012 ~
Super Megafest 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham, MA (Boston area)
November 23 and 24, 2012.

We found a little video of Adrian being interviewed by Ashley Bottoms. He comes after
James Amos, about 3:20 min into the video.

Annual Hollywood Show

Adrian was in attendance at the Annual Hollywood Show on Nov 9th and 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada.NV He signed autographs and greeted fans alongside many other Sci-Fi stars.

Combat Radio Show

Adrian again guest hosted on LA RAdio's Combat Radio show with Ethan Dettenmier.
On November 2, 2012 the guests were Rick Mora (Twilight) and Tom Vitorino (manager of the
Doors, The Cult)
You can download the show at:
Or listen to it on the YouTube site at:


 RICK MORA (Twilight, Yellow Rock) TOM VITORINO (Manager of The Cult, The Doors, Fuel etc...) Director Producer PHIL LEIRNESS of 'Spectres' and 'The Truth Is Out There' (Combat Radio is in the new film 'The Truth Is Out There 2 BTW) and TYSON SANER are in studio. HUNTER BLOCK (a descendant of Captain Kidd) calls in from the impact zone in New Jersey to help Combat Radio draw support for disaster relief! Please visit

~ OCTOBER 2012 ~ OCTOBER 2012 ~ OCTOBER 2012 ~
Fanboy Expo

Adrian will be appearing at the huge Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, TN on October 26-28th.

Combat Radio
October 19th

 ASHLEY PALMER (Paranormal Activity) MARCUS LINDSEY (Paranormal Exp, The Travel Channel etc...) TOM VITORINO (Manager of The Cult, The Doors etc...) and TYSON SANER are in studio for a conversation that starts with remembering our friend VICTORIA SPEECHLEY...

Best news!!!

"War of the Worlds:Goliath" won the best 3D film award at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival, September 22nd.

Even better news is that it beat out a huge contender...."Madagascar3"!!! Way to go guys!!
~ AUGUST 2012 ~ AUGUST 2012 ~ AUGUST 2012 ~
Combat Radio

August 31st


TOM VITORINO (Manager of The Cult, The Doors) and MARK RYAN (Bumble Bee in Transformers, Robin Hood)
and TYSON SANER in studio...

Combat Radio Show

Adrian guest hosts on LATalkRadio, Combat Radio with Ethan Dettenmier on August 17, 2012.
Special Guests are: Bobby Kimball and Rick Mora (Twilight).


ASHLEY PALMER (Paranormal Activity, Sex In The City etc...) Writer MICHAEL HOLDEN (Sherlock Holmes) Award Winning Animator STEVE SIEVERS (Supa Pirate Booty Hunt) CHAD OSUNA and TYSON SANER in studio!

The show can be downloaded at:

Or you can listen on YouTube at:

Combat Radio Show

Adrian guest hosts on LATalkRadio, Combat Radio with Ethan Dettenmier on August 10, 2012.
Special Guests are: Phil Leirness (director..Party Crashers, Story of "O") and Stepahnie Erb (True Blood, Weedss, The RIng).


BOBBY KIMBALL (Of the band Toto) STEPHANIE ERB (True Blood, Weeds, The Ring), Producer/Director PHIL LEIRNESS of 'Spectres', 'The Truth Is Out There' (Combat Radio is IN the film 'The Truth Is Out There 2' btw...) and RICK MORA (Twilight, T
he Dead And The Damned) in studio....

The show can be downloaded at:

Or you can listen on YouTube at
Just announced!!!

Adrian will be appearing at the Hollywood Show in Las Vegas, NV
on Nov 9-10th
~ JULY 2012 ~ JULY 2012 ~ JULY 2012 ~
Sending out lotsa love and congrats to Adrian and Alexandra on the birth of their 2nd child,
Royce Paul. :)
Comic ConJuly 13, 14

~ JUNE 2012 ~ JUNE 2012 ~ JUNE 2012 ~
Combat Radio

Adrian guest hosted on LATalkRadio's Combat Radio with Ethan Dettenmier on
June 8th. Guests were Mark Ryan (Evita, Transformers, The Prestige) and James Lew
(Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Samurai, Big Trouble).

You can download the show at:
Or on YouTube you can listen to:

It's finally time...the movie is done! "War of the Worlds: Goliath" set to be premiered June 14th in San Diego, during the weekend of
the hugely popular Comic Con.

This animated 3D saga follows years after the initial attack in the book by H.G. Wells
and the popular movie with Orson Wells.

Adrian Paul as well as other Highlander cast members, Peter Wingfield, Liz Gracen
and Dabid Abramowitz are involed as is Adam Baldwin. Voiceovers of course, but
this soundslike one exciting movie.

<<<Check out the blog, photos and more on the official web site
and Follow on Facebook at:      

Adrian will be attending the International Comic Con  

The Con runs from July 12 - 15, 2012, with a preview
night on the 11th. Adrian plans on being in attendance  
ONLY July 13th and 14th, with plans to attend the premiere
showing of "War of the Worlds: Goliath."

Pacific Theaters-
Gaslamp 15  701, 5th Avenue,
Gaslamp Quarter,
San Diego, CA  at 7:00pm.

Check out the Facebook page (link above) for info coming
soon on tickets.

~MAY 2012 ~ MAY 2012  ~ MAY 2012 ~
It is that time again! Adrian Paul is having a birthday!

Come celebrate with us, as we celebrate Adrian.
Check out the card, then be sure and sign the Guest Book to leave your
Birthday Greetings to Adrian.

He DOES read them all, and enjoys them, so HURRY HURRY!!

Adrian has started CELEBS4KIDS and it's your chance to
get great photos and support charity!

Celebrities around the world are having their pics taken showing the
peace sign. Celebs4kids is then auctioning them off as a fundraising
initiative for The PEACE Fund.

Go take a look, who knows who you might find. Bid and you might actually
win the picture! Take a pic of a celebrity and submit it yourself.

Highlander Worldwide opened up a little poll!

Who would YOU like to see as the next Highlander?

Check out the May 8th post for Beverly Lewis' "The Confession!"

A three (3) minute clip to whet the appetite. It's on the offical
Facebook page, or you can go directly to Beverly's web site at: and check out her other books.

Adrian and Sherri Stringfield star in "The Confession."
Check out some of Adrian's 'Behind the Scenes" pics
on his Official Facebook page!

Once again, your FREE Adrian Paul Calendar is
ready for you to download!

We've been giving  you FREE calendars since 2005
and we try to be creative each month.

We hope you enjoy!

<<<Click HERE!
~APRIL 2012 ~ APRIL 2012  ~ APRIL 2012 ~
The PEACE Fund announces a new merchandise store!

Check out all the goodies you can get to support
PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere) and actually
get your hands on some great stuff!! Powered by Cafe Press, it's
quality merchandise. So rush on over and get YOURS now!!

Get your FREE Adrian Paul calendar for April!

Free to download, free to enjoy, free to drool over...
free to enjoy. Oh, I said that! :)

We try to make you happy.  Any ideas you'd like to see
on a Calendar?
~MARCH 2012 ~ MARCH 2012  ~ MARCH 2012 ~

Adrian on Combat Radio w/Ethan Dettenmaier
March 23rd Adrian appeared on Combat Radio as co-host.

TOM BOYD (Indiana Jones, Schindler's List, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Beetlejuice)
writer/filmmaker WILLIAM KALLAY (The Making Of Tron) MARK RYAN (Transformers,
Robin Hood) JUSTIN RIVERA (Comedy Central) JACOB GOLDSTEIN (Universal/Tha Breaks)
and GENERAL ZOD in studio...

Listen up or Download!

Credit:Bruce Chapman/Journal
There is an article about filming "The Confession" in the
Winston-Salem Journal, March 8, 2012

Adrian is happy to be back in the same area where he filmed "Eyeborgs"
and was interviewed by TIm Clodfelter for this story.

"I had a good time the last time in WInston-Salem and I was surprised we
were shooting here,"  he said. "I'm actually staying at the same hotel I was
last time." Read HERE!

Adrian has announced that he is in South Carolina filming a
made for TV movie for The Hallmark Channel.
"The Confession" is the from book two of Beverly Lewis's series 'The
Heritage of Lancaster County." He will play the role of Dylan Bennett.
Also starring is Sherrie Stringfield.

"Katie Lapp has known no other world than that of the Amish
who raised her. Since her refusal to accept their ways fully has
resulted in her being shunned (see The Shunning, Bethany, 1997),
Katie takes refuge with a Mennonite family and tracks down her
biological mother. However, Katie soon realizes that Laura
Mayfield-Bennett is not only mortally ill but also married to a man
more concerned with her money than with her."

You can keep up to date by spending time on the official

 Adrian and The PEACE Fund are raising monies to aid
children to get much needed dental care.

Check out the great items up for auction!! A phone call from
Adrian??? Let me tell's's amazing..and it's fun!
(I know, I've talked with him! :))

Get your FREE Adrian Paul Calendar!!!
 It is free for you to Download. (not for resale please)

Save it your desktop at work, print it out and put it on the
 fridge, use as a Desktop Wallpaper.

Just enjoy!!

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~FEBRUARY 2012 ~ FEBRUARY 2012  ~ FEBRUARY 2012 ~
Lissa Coffey interviews Adrian & Alex on the red carpet at the Night of 100 Stars in Hollywod.
Copyright Adrian Paul Facebook

Night of 100 Stars
Can you guess Adrian and Alexandra's news??

Feb 26th, Night of 100 Stars (an Oscar party in Hollywood), and the word
is out.

Looks like Angelisa is going to have a little brother or sister.

Adrian will be attending The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!


Also appearing will be: Jeri Ryan,  Keeley Hawes,  Colm Meaney,  Nana Visitor,
Rene Auberjonois, Eve Myles, Naoko Mori and more!
A day at the beach with Angelisa.

Little "A" is growing sooo fast, and she and her Daddy
explored the beach.

You can check out the larger photos at: Adrian Paul Offical Facebook

Fallen Heroes USA Celebrity Poker Tournament -
The Bicycle Casino LA
The February 19, 2012 Fallen Heroes USA "For the Families" celebrity charity
poker tournament will be held in our luxurious Event Center. The Doors open for
our popular 5-star lunch buffet at 1:30 pm, with the shuffle-up and deal at 3:00 pm.  
Catch Adrian and other stas at the event in this little video.
Adrian is at 2:56

New Adrian Photos!!

Adrian's recent photo shoot with Mary L Carter/3 cubed studios. Gorgeous!
Head over to Adrian's Official Facebook page to see them in all their glory.
Look for the February 18th post.
Copyright Mary L Carter/Adrian Paul Facebook
Friday, February 10th  ..ADRIAN  talks about his work and the
PEACE FUND with ETHAN DETTENMAIER on Combat radio. You can
listen or Download. Also joining in are DOUG JONES (Hellboy, Legion, Quarantine,
Men In Black 2)  MARK RYAN (Transformers 1,2 and 3, The Prestige) Comic genius
ERIC MARK and...THE AMAZING PERRY BROTHERS are also in studio to do some damage!!!
<<<Click HERE!                   

~JANUARY 2012 ~ JANUARY 2012  ~ JANUARY 2012 ~
Adrian has started a new workout regimen using the P90X,
Tony Horton's #1 fitness equipment and routine.

Adrian will be posting on his Facebook/Twitter about how his
workouts are ...working. :)

The man who made Duncan MacLeod the swordsman
he was, Bob Anderson, passed away January 1st.
Adrian left a message on his Facebook page that reads.....
"As some of you may already know my friend and sword master Bob Anderson,
with whom I worked with on Highlander, passed away at 4:00am January 1st
2012 at the ripe old age of 89.He was not only one of the most creative men I have
worked with, but was kind, full of energy and helped me mold Duncan MacLeod
into the character he became. In the many hours days and weeks we spent together,
 in all types of weather and under enormous pressure, he was always gracious,
patient and kind hearted.

Bob to me was an artist and not a brick layer. I say that because he was
able to not only see a sword fight as a discussion between two people but
also be able to bring it to life with artistry and flair that few others
could have.

I had the pleasure to meet him again a couple years ago during a convention
in London and even though his health was beginning to fail he was still the
Bob I knew 20 years ago. I will always remember him with fondness not only
for his talent but for a man who was a father figure to me, teaching me so
much about work and life itself.

God speed Bob. I will remember you always."

Adrian starts off 2012 with a ...Bang!! Really!

 In the far off future of 1986, an LAPD
police officer is shot, and before he dies,
his brain waves are copied onto computer
floppy discs. Jennifer Beals stars w/Adrian
in this laugh out loud adventure!
"Cop-Puter: Funny or Die"

We have NEWS dating back to 2004 so take a look & stay a while!!

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