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Adrian Paul  News Archive 2006

(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

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Adrian Paul News Archive 2006
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We have the news like no one else!!

December 2006
Happy Holidays!!!!

Adrian has issued his annual Christmas letter and an interview about
his recent visit to Russia
Check it out at: (click on Current News)
Thank you to all the fans who've taken the time to sign our Guest Book for the Adrian Paul Holiday Exclusive.
Once more, we are a success!

There is still time to sign the guest Book and send your holiday wishes to Adrian.

New line-up for HLWW8

In addition to Adrian Paul. the guest list for HLWW8 to be held in Vancouver, BC October 5-7, 2007 now includes:

David Abramowitz
 Liz Gracen
Jim Byrnes
Ken Gord
Brandon Jerwa
Lee Moder (not pictured)
Looks like this is gonna be a great Con!

Adrian in Russia
(my aplogies, so many pics, I can't recall who to credit this too.
Head's up anyone?)
Adrian was recently in Russia, invited by the Worldwide Charitable Alliance (WCA) to receive a "Peacemaker Award." The WCA is an organization which is committed to spreading the message of peace, tolerance and the importance of celebrating diversity. Adrian and Alexandra were to attend the gala Ball along with the former President of the Soviet Union,  Mikhail Gorbachev.

Special thanks to Olga, Victoria and the other correspondants for sharing their translations,
 transcripts and pictures with the fans!

(picture courtesy Senator Ru)

More pics to be found at the APFC and
Adrian's Angels Yahoo e-group sites.

Get your personal copy of our December calendar!!
The December winner, by popular
vote, was Terri!

November 2006

See you in Burbank????!!!!!!!

Grand Slam XV: The Summit
April 13-15, 2007
Burbank, CA

See our PIC PAGES....Click HERE!!!
Adrian has confirmed his appearance, but no specific day has been announced. Also appearing are some other familiar to SciFi faces!!

Walter Koenig (Chekov-Star Trek); Justin Hartley (Green Arrow-Smallville); Nana Visitor (Colonel Kira Nerys- DS9); and Jessica Steen (Dr Weir-SG-1 & on "Earth 2") with more to be announced!

HLWW recently announced more guests for the upcoming HLWW8 to be held in Vancouver, BC next October 5-7, 2007!!

In addition to Adrian Paul, scheduled are Liz Gracen who portrayed "Amanda"; Jim Byrnes  who was the ever-solid "Joe Dawson"; and now being added to the line-up is Lee Moder, who, along with Brandon Jerwa are creating stories and artwork for the new Highlander comic series. (check the news for August 2006 for more details on the comics)

October 5-7, 2007

See our PIC PAGES......Click HERE!!
When in Glenfinnan, Scotland in March 2006  year Adrian and Alexandra visited Colin the Candle's tiny workshop. Colin was so taken with Adrian's work with The PEACE Fund that he wanted to do something tangible to support its and Adrian's efforts.

The PEACE Fund is thrilled to offer these new candles.The candles feature the PEACE logo on the front and on the reverse the wording...
"Produced especially for you in Glenfinnan, Scotland"

Have you ever wanted to have a one on one chat with the Highlander himself? Well, here is your opportunity!! Adrian has generously donated our grand prize - a 15 minute phone chat. HLWW is offering this call in a winning Raffle. Tickets are only $10.00 US, so get as many as you can. This is one phone call you don't want to miss!
Raffle has ended!!  We hope you bought a ticket!
The results of the very 1st
are in……..thank you to fans.
Go take a look at the Photo
competition winners
Photo courtesy: APFC
Just announced!
The newest online addition of the PEACE Newsletter is now available for download.
Photo courtesy: APFC
Just announced...the next HLWW auction (#26) is 0pen NOW!

November 4-11th

There is a ton of great  stuff to bid on. This is your chance to own a bit of Fandom.

Scripts, books, pictures and so much more!!

November Calendar Contest Winner!!

Get your own full-sized personal copy of Linda A's winning November calendar.
October 2006

After 4 movies and two successful television series, you've never seen the
HIGHLANDER like this.
MacLeod returns with a vengeance in an animated feature length epic!

In revenge, patience is a virtue.
And after a few thousand years,
Colin MacLeod doesn't give a damn about virtue...

In the tradition of "Vampire Hunter D" and "Ninja Scroll," anime wizard Yoshiaki
Kawajiri brings his unique visual bravura to the immortal "Highlander" franchise.
For the first time, the MacLeod katana blade will find itself in the hands of a
Japanese master.

Starring: Alistair Abell, Eid Lakis, Gavin Hammon, Dennis Kleinman

Directed by: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Written by:  David Abramowitz

See our PIC PAGE......Click HERE!!!

The American Film Market........

The 2006 AFM Public Previews will feature over 30
independent films - most world or U.S. premieres - giving industry professionals and Santa Monica residents an extraordinary opportunity to see upcoming films before their general release.

The following movies will be seen in a limited screening opportunity during the AFM event..

Highlander: Vengeance
Nov 2nd and 6th

Highlander: The Source
Nov 1st and 7th

Nov 1st

Check out our Movie/Filmography Pages for almost ALL of
Adrian's movies and our PIC PAGES for most of them!

 Based on the world-famous mystery of the
Lost Colony of Roanoke,
where the inhabitants of one of the
earliest settlements in the
United States vanished without a trace.

This supernatural take on the historical
event surmises that an ancient evil that
had been trapped on the island for centuries attacks the village, intent on consuming
every soul on the island.

The English Colonists only hope depends
on one man - Ananias Dare (Adrian Paul) -
and his ability to decipher the mystery of
the wraiths and exploit their only weakness
so he can send them back to hell.
Wraiths of Roanoke
Looks like another movie is changing it's name! Formerly known as "The Lost Colony," the movie "Wraiths of Roanoke" is set for a limited
screening at the Santa Monica AMC Theater
(1310 3rd Street Promenade, at Arizona) on November 2, 2006.  F
Adrian's new film
wins an award!

Best Picture Feature: SEANCE

See our PIC PAGE.....Click HERE!!

On October 7-8, 2006 both Feature and Short Films
were honored with Shocker Awards at the 5th Annual ShockerFest International Film Festival.

There were over 250 short films and nearly 50 feature films with the awards being announced Sunday in a ceremony in Modesto, CA. It was the premiere
screening of "SEANCE."

While fans are waiting for the release of
"The Source," here's an immediate way to
be  involved in the future of Highlander.  A special Highlander album is in pre-production
to co-incide with the new movie.

The  CD will reflect all aspects of the franchise, recreating some of the most famous tracks originally performed by Queen, bringing together songs that reflect the  spirit of the saga and some totally new songs created especially for the album  itself. Some of the tracks are already in place and fans now have the chance to  input their suggestion too.

 Visit the HLWW site ASAP to find out how you can help shape the album itself:

~Courtesy: John Mosby October, 12, 2006

Click here!

Crazy Tie Day!!

October 19th, 2006
Read Adrian's letter to his fans and see how you can get involved!
(Pics courtesy of APFC)
New pics and on-the-set Diary from "The Lost Colony" by Adrian.
Click on the pic!!

Our new Angelic Necessities site is changing it's name!!
Divine Designs offers fun new gifts for you, your friends and family!
T-shirts in 5 different print designs, all types of clothing and accessories.

We think you'll love the unique
Name Prints. The perfect gift!

Our 6th Birthday!!

Adrian's Angels celebrated our 6th birthday on September 24th, 2006.

To celebrate, we held a drawing.
The winner gets a huge basket
of AA prizes.

The winning name was picked by our youngest Angel, Audrianna.

Our happy Congrats to Betsy and here's wishing for another
great 6 years!!
New!!!! Adrian reports from the set of
"The Lost Colony."

(click here)

Adrian taped a video message to his fans
to support the International Day of Peace on
September 21, 2006

Our new Angelic Necessities site is changing it's name!!
Divine Designs will offer fun new gifts for you, your friends and family!
T-shirts in 5 different print designs, all types of clothing and accessories. Be sure and check out the Name Prints.
They are the unique gift of the year!
PWFC-Help Build A Postcard Wall

Peter is settled into a new flat in London while he is working on "Holby City" and the walls are a little bare.

Recently while PWFC was talking to him, they came up with the idea of postcards and Peter liked the idea right away.

And just like that a new project is born!

Send Peter a postcard! All you have to do to join in is buy a postcard from your city, write a cheery message to Peter and pop in the mail to the club post office box -

PWFC PMB245, 8175 S. Virginia St. #850, Reno, NV 89511.

When they have a bundle of  5 to 10 cards, they will forward them on to Peter  so he can begin creating his postcard wall.

For now this project is limited to PWFC and HLWW members.
Info & photo courtesy of PWFC
Get your Calendar!
The September Calendar Contest winner was Cara. Get your own full-sized version on our Contest Page!
Just announced!!

The PEACE Fund now offers a range of merchandise with the idea that you can be the designer of your item.
A shirt, duffle bag, tote bag or fleece blanket, they have a range of logo designs which can be embroidered on the item.


August 19, 2006

Finally!! A chance to see Adrian in period clothing and perhaps long hair again? Sigh!

The mystery of Roanoke Island has persisted for over
400 years!

What happened to the men, women and children that Sir Walter Raleigh settled a permanent colony with in North Caroline on Roanoke Island?

It's just been announced that Adrian will be playing the role of Annanias Dare, son-in-law of the first govenor, John White in his newest movie role.

Filming for "The Lost Colony," a fictional account of this real-life story, is set to start shooting on August 28th.

More info coming soon!!!

For more info, please visit his official web site at:
A Dutch interview with Thekla Reuten
The actress who recently filmed "Highlander; The Source" with Adrian mentions "The Source" and some of the stuntwork she had to do.

The interview is in Dutch, but, if you go to:
and enter in the entire web addy for the interview, then choose Dutch to English, you can get  a fair translation

(click on picture link above to go to article)

Newsarama is featuring a good interview with co writers  Mike Oeming and Brandon Jerwa, of the new "Highlander" comic series. Issue #0 is already out, and Issue#1 will be released in October by Dynamite Entertainment .

Highlander Comic Books

Be sure and get your copies of the first 2 Highlander Comic Books!
 Starting right where the very 1st Highlander movie left off, these are so awesome with great design, storylines
and fun to collect.

Cover artists for issue #1 includeL Tony Harris (Conan cover artist); Dave Dorman (Star Wars/ Premiere Fantasy painter) and Gabriele (Secret War) Dell'Otto -
shipping in equal ratio!

 Ask your local retailer about the Sketch Variant of the Tony Harris cover...the Gabrielle Dell'Otto RRP Edition cover and the Immortal Gold Foil cover to Issue #1.
Check out the interview with
Brandon Jerwa, the director of
the very first #0 Highlander Comic.

ComicBook gets a page by page breakdown of Issue #0.

          (click here)

Brandon is also scheduled to appear at HLWW8
in Vancouver, BC October 2007.

The Cover of
issue #0

Look for the comics
at your local Comic Store,
or you can order from

JULY 2006
AP Newswire, Issue #49 is now available online, or download for your own enjoyment!
Filled with tons of great interviews, new pics and so much more.

(click here)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sad News!! Good News!!

(John's the guy in the center of those a happy AA's)

"After seeing the Adrian Paul Fan Club through a very important transition phase, John Bierly has stepped down from all duties related to APFC and the PEACE Fund in order to focus more on matters of his daily life."

Taking over the reins once again will be Jenni Bohn - John's predecessor. She will handle both the  APFC mailing list  as well as the writing and reporting duties as editor-in-chief of the fan club magazine.

For more info check out the news page at

(Info courtesy
The newest Calendar Contest winner is Elise for her great
August entry!  Download your own FREE large version on our
Contest Page.

There are some awesome new pics from the
set of the newest Highlander movie,
"The Source"
can be found at:

Pic credit: Richard Blanshard.

JUNE 2006
October 5-7, 2007
HLWW8 to be in Vancouver. So far guests include Liz Gracen and Branden Jerwa.
For more info check out their con page.

<<(click on pic)
Adrian appeared at the Gateway Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

Some of the wonderful Hungarian fans have put together a great site for you to see the pics and read their reports!!
(Click on the logo above)
Adrian Paul News Archive 2006
(Pic courtesy of Helga)

See our PICS from this Con....Click HERE!!!
Adrian Paul stars in Nine Miles Down"Lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from Evil."

Adrian's newest project,
"Nine Miles Down"
is a "spine-chilling journey
into the psyche of a man struggling to escape his tortured past."

Directed by Anthony Waller,
(Little Vampire,  An American Werewolf in Paris,
Mute Witness, The Guilty) and being filmed in Namibia.
Adrian is set to start filming soon.

In the meantime, check out their great web site
for pics and info!

See our PIC PAGE ............Click HERE!!!!
 Fangoria has some great new pics from "SEANCE" which finished filming Sunday, May 28th. Adrian plays a serial-killer!!!!

Adrian looked at our Birthday web pages and had some delightful comments!
Be sure and read them on his Newswire page!!
Be sure and get your FREE
June 2006 Adrian calendar.
The winner of this month's design
Contest was Gina!
(Click above to get the full-sized version)
MAY 2006
The 2006 Adrian Birthday Project is finished!

Thank you to the over 200 fans sent in their pictures, and the many more who signed the Guest Book to send Adrian special Birthday Wishes. What a great way of telling the world how special this man is!

A special Fandom page has also been added with hundreds of fan pics. So go take a look, enjoy...laugh...find your pic and we hope you like it.

June 9-10
Budapest, Hungary
(click here)
Adrian announced he will be appearing at an upcoming convention, the ATJAROCON in Millenaris Park in Budapest, Hungary,
from Friday, June 9 to Saturday, June 10. Sunday is *possible*, but
for now he's scheduled for Friday and Saturday for sure.

Courtesy:  John B (APFC)

Taken in Scotland...
courtesy Elaine W

Monica Duff, has done a spectacular job rebuilding the website 100% from the ground up.

The PEACE Fund has now attained its 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization, meaning that all donations
made are now tax-exempt.

The PEACE Fund has just donated $15,000 to the Children's Organ
Transplant Organization in Bloomington, Indiana! read all about it on the new site!

Adrian to star in new movie, "Séance."
To be directed by a rising talent like Mark L. Smith,
will be produced by WindChill Films, a
division of Snowfall Films.

LAUREN DIGGS thinks her dorm room is haunted by a little girl. Water turns on, lights flicker, things tumble about on their own. Lauren's roommates, MELINA and ALISON, are sure it's just Lauren's imagination. Alison's boyfriend, DIEGO, is sure, too. But Lauren knows they're wrong.

And so does GRANT ... he lives at the other end of the hall, and he's seen the little girl, too. He's even done some research ... and discovered that this old dorm was once an apartment building, and that the little girl that lived in Lauren's room was CARA, and that she fell down the elevator shaft 40 years ago. So during Thanksgiving break, with the dorm empty except for SYD, the security guard, the kids decide to hold a séance ... if this little
girl exists, Lauren wants to know why she's bothering them.

But what Lauren and the others don't understand is that their séance can't bring back a ghost that's already there. But what they did bring back was SPENCE, the building's one-time maintenance man and local serial killer, who killed Cara, and was executed 30 years ago. But none of them know Spence is there, because he and Cara are both only visible in the dark. In the light, the kids are blind.It's not until several of the friends have disappeared that the others realize they've trapped themselves in an empty dorm with an invisible killer.

So they must throw the dorm into total darkness, and discover a way to send Spence back to where he came from before
he kills them all ...


From Carmel MacPherson, HLWW (05/22/06) who
spoke with Adrian on the phone and passes on to
the fans..............

"Adrian shot all day amidst awful smelling rubbish, and this is a very demanding role in terms of the type of character Adrian is playing. It's not a whole lot of dialogue, which means that the silences demand that he be able to convey with a look/body language who and what this awful character is all about. He also mentioned that he understood that some fans would not like to see him in this type of role, but also thinks it is important to remember that this is what actors do and that these types of people exist in our society. In a reverse sort
of way, portraying this type of character in a memorable way might also bring greater awareness and understanding of the need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, and not to be complacent about what we have."

More news soon!          

Thanks John B for the info!   As always, you can read AP news on his Offical web site at:
Autographed Adrian's Angels
T-shirts auctioned off !
Auction is now closed!
We raised $655.95 for PEACE!
Thank you!!

There are 7 shirts up for bid, some were autographed by Adrian Paul in Los Angeles, CA on April 5, 2005 after appearing on
stage in "Things Just Change,"  and some were autographed at the HLWW  April 29-May1, 2005 in Sydney, Australia.

Susan Gomez and John Bierly of the
Adrian Paul Fan Club and Carmel MacPherson of HLWW are aware that
these shirts were signed and can gladly vouch for their authenticity.

All proceeds beyond shipping and handling (and selling fees) will be donated to the PEACE Fund for the purpose of continued Tsunami aid.

Here's you chance to get a ONE-OF-A-KIND autographed shirt and help PEACE!

Linda A was our May winner!

Head to our Contest Page and download
your full-size copy
of our May Calendar Contest winner.

Happy Birthday Adrian!
Please join a couple hundred other fans
and help us celebrate Adrian's Birthday on May 29th.

The 2006 Birthday Project is underway.

APRIL 2006

June 9-11, 2006
Where : Embassy Suites Hotel
Los Angeles-International Airport South
1440 E. Imperial Avenue
El Segundo, California

Confirmed guests include:
Jason Carter (Babylon 5)
Stan Kirsch (Highlander, Shallow Ground)
Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars)
David Winning (director - Stargate: Atlantis, Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict)
Bruce A. Young (The Sentinel, Highlander)

For special pricing information and more information on this event, please visit
Highlander fan special

~Adrian DID NOT Attend this Convention.~

(courtesy Pat T)

Check out our Convention Pages...full of pics from the recent HLWW7 Leeds, UK
Convention and the following road
trip to Scotland.

Check out the Pic Pages (3 of them!)....Click HERE!!!
MARCH 2006
HLWW A Call to Arms
March 10-12, 2006 Leeds, UK
The reports are beginning to come in and once again it looks like a success! Lots of news about Adrian's newest Highlander movie, "The Source" and tons of pics headed this way.
Click here to read Chris' report and see Julie's pics!!
(click here)
Adrian at the annual pre-Oscar party..."Night of a Hundred Stars."

courtesy of Wire Image
Get your own "Adrian's Angels" silicone bracelet...available NOW! Help support AA and part of the proceeds will be donated to come and get them!

More items coming soon!

Just announced...beginning in April 2006, the quarterly magazine PEACE (Issue #49) will be available to all fans free of charge.
Online with tons of interviews, pics and
not to be missed. Check back here or on Adrian's Official web site for all the details.  

And we're told that Issue # 50 will be full of articles about "The Source"..the newest Highlander movie!
(Adrian in Lithuania. Click here to head to HLWW and read the behind the scenes stories by Carmel and the contest winners)

As of February, 2006 the Adrian Paul Peace Organization has raised over $105,000.00 through auctions and donations to benefit Immortal Aid/Tsunami Relief !!
Way to go fans!

Upcoming Convention!!

Leeds, UK March 10-12, 2006

Get your monthly dose of Adrian in a FREE Calendar!!
Download yours today!

Each month Adrian's Angels holds a contest for our members to design a monthly calendar. Now we are sharing their talents with you!

Feb Winner ~ Amber
Click on the pic to go to our Contest Page for a full-size downloadable Calendar...and be sure and check back each month for the newest ones!
PWFC (Peter W's official fan club) just released info on their next Road Trip with Peter...this time they are headed to Memphis, TN.
From all reports...these trips
are not to be missed.
For more info:

(courtesy of PWFC)

Primary filming on "Highlander: The Source" was finished on December 8th and if you didn't get a chance to read Adrian's work diary, be sure and go check it out. Behind the scenes on the filming...his thoughts
and more straight from Adrian!  

Still no update on the Official HL:The Source page at this time.

Check out our "HIghlander: The Source" Pic Pages......Click HERE!
Special thanks to contributors and others who wish to remain anonymous,
but deserve the praise anyway!  SS..I could NOT do this without you!

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