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Adrian Paul News Archive 2005
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

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Adrian Paul News Archive 2005
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We have the news like no one else!!

December 2005  
Don't be scammed....

Nov 30, 2005

Hello Everybody,

With a new "Highlander" movie currently filming, frequent set updates from Adrian, and a PEACE auction that just pushed the yearly total raised by PEACE to more than $100,000, we are all sharing in a truly exciting chapter of Adrian Paul fandom. Unfortunately, there are those out there who get their kicks from being sneaky and dishonest.

Announcements have been posted to Adrian's website, the PEACE site, and Highlander WorldWide about recent FAKE AUCTION ITEMS on the Yahoo! Auctions site. The sellers claim that these items were donated by Adrian, and these claims are FALSE.

If Adrian is going to auction off anything, it will be announced on the PEACE site. If you see an item up for auction that seems to be in any way suspicious, just send us an e-mail about it.

All the best,

John Bierly
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Each month Adrian's Angels holds a contest for our members to design a monthly calendar. Now we are sharing their talents with you!

Jan Winner ~ Kathy A
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November 2005
Peter Wingfield keeps his Fan Club up-to-date with a few notes from the Highlander:The Source set.
Be sure and read them at PWFC!!

Peter Wingfield
Photo courtesy of PWFC

Reports from Adrian are coming in almost weekly from the set in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Be sure and read the latest on
Adrian's Official web site.

 Get behind the scenes
info straight from Adrian.
Daily life on the set and on

<< Click Here

(screen caps from HL courtesy of
Deb Q)

November 27, 2005

A BBC-TV Panorama documentary mentioned Highlander and spoke with
HL producer Peter Davis.   Click the logo above to watch the video.

Check out the man in the red cardinal outfit.... Is it Peter or Adrian?
(special thanks to Stephy for the
quick alert on this program!)

Be sure and read Carmel's (HLWW) report from
the Highlander set as she describes the filming
and her interaction with the cast, including:
Adrian, Peter and Jim Byrnes.

Nov 2-9.....Santa Monica, CA

"Little Chicago" was screened on November 4th at 7pm.
"Tides of War"
aka.. "Phantom Below"
aka.. "USS Poseidon:
Phantom Below"
Release Date has been moved to January 17, 2006 from Dec 20th.  USA/Canada (Region 1)

 In mid-November: HERETV! aired a "Making of Tides of War" special featuring behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew.

We have our own Pictrure Pages for Tides of War...go Vist.
Click HERE!!
October 2005  

Win a chance to be in the movie!!
Sign up now!

Win a phone call from Adrian!
Three (3) calls will be awarded to the highest bidders in the
Peace Auction.

Follow the link NOW before it ends!
To support Adrian's PEACE initiative, Davis-Panzer and Davis-Anderson have kindly donated the cost of the airfare (up to $1,000 U.S.) to match PEACE's donation of all meals and one night's accommodation to enable one lucky Highlander fan to spend 2 days on the set of Highlander: The Source in Vilnius, Lithuania. Added into this fabulous opportunity, the winner will also get the chance to make a cameo appearance in the film!

 The first day of the set visit is currently scheduled for November 12, 2005. During the 2- day set visit the winner will have the opportunity to see the film in production and to visit behind-the-scenes locations and production areas. Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield are confirmed to be there during this time.

Peace Bands now available!!!
(click here for more info!)
"Tides of War"
aka.. "Phantom Below"
aka.. "USS Poseidon:
Phantom Below"
Release Date: Dec 20th

(be sure and check out our screen caps page!) Caution: adults only!
Peace Auction Live NOW!!

Over 60+ items up for auction.
Ends October 23, 2005 at 6:ooam PST

Items up for auction not only include Highlander/Adrian Paul stuff, but also donated items from: The cast of Smallville, Adam Baldwin (Serenity); Charisma Carpenter (Buffy/Angel); Elvira; Stan Kirsch; Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek-Voyager); Jonathon Breck (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2); Christopher Lambert; Peter Wingfield: Jim Byrnes: David Duchovney; and the cast of Young Blades. Plus more!

(click here)
The Official Web page is up. Not much info yet, but more to
come soon!
Filming to begin in Vilnius, Lithuania

For some History about Vilnius and the area check this site out.

For some video clips of sites in the area check this site out.
Vilnius on Video

Filming to begin October 17
and the cast has been selected!!

Adrian Paul News Archive 2005
Adrian Paul
'Duncan MacLeod'
Jim Byrnes
'Joe Dawson'
Thekla Reuten

Stephen Rahman Hughes

Thom Fell

Christian Solimeno
'The Guardian'
Stephen Wight

Peter Wingfield

Photo courtesy of PWFC

Be sure and check out their great site!
(note: all photos were researched and found online, not from APFC site)

For some 24/7 live-feed web cams in the Vilnius area, go here!
Tako Kameros
 HLWW just announced their Spring Equinox Tour of Scotland scheduled to begin the day after the Leeds Convention. March 13th-20th with Adrian as a special guest and guide for several of those tour days. So sign up now!!

Recently,announcements about the new Highlander movie, "The Source"
have already started hitting the wire.
Here's a few:


Leeds, UK March 10-12, 2005

(click here for more info)
Adrian gave an interview in
"La Donna" magazines
September issue.
(sadly, it's available only in Hungary at this time.)
(thanks to Kati for the pics)

Adrian and Alex had some
great pics in this issue.

Adrian Paul Fan  Club News!!

Dear Members of the APFC:

As you all know, I have been putting a great deal of time and effort into re-establishing the PEACE Fund as a vehicle to do something worthwhile and constructive for children in need. I am delighted with its re-launch and the amount of money you have helped us raise for children on Koh Phi Phi. But there
is still much that needs to be done in terms of future sponsorships and fundraising. I need to be in a position where I can give that as much of my time and attention as possible - and still have a viable career.

To that end I am pleased to announce that the Adrian Paul website and Fan Club are going to be revamped to more readily bring you varied content and easier access. With that in mind, we will be ending paid memberships to the fan club.

This does NOT mean that the fan club is going away. It simply means that you will no longer have to pay to be a member.
To read more please visit the Adrian Paul Official site at:


"Little Chicago"
Cover just released
Check out our
for film details.

And you can find more info and
Adrian's Angels online E-group celebrated five (5) fantastic years online on September 24th.
(Thanks to Stephy for her wonderful graphics)

Thank you Angels for these
special years of fun, friendship and all the Adrian we can handle!!
Peace from: Deb Q, Riley and Linda A
September 2005
~Pic courtesy of Marjon~


New StarCon
September 3 & 4, 2005
This year the comic event
will be held at the Darling Market (Evenementenhal)
in Rijswijk, Holland and
Adrian is attending.

Adrian is scheduled to attend the  
Sammlar Borsen NRW 2005
Film/Comic/Figuren/Card/DVD on
September 11, 2005
in  North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Pics below taken by Marjon in Holland at
the new StarCom

See our Pic Pages!!
August 2005  
"War Dancing" was re-released May 10, 2005 and is available at

Also known as Dance to Win, the film was released in 1989 and was one of Adrian's
first film roles. He plays Billy James.  
... aka City Rhythms
... aka Dance Academy II
"Moscow Heat" coming to the USA November 8th!!
Filmed in Russia, the fans have been waiting for this one.  
You can Pre-order now at

Check out our Moscow Heat page for more pics!
"Little Chicago" has been accepted into the Temecula Valley International Film Festival in southern California from September 14
 to 22. It is their 11th anniversary.
The film is set to be premiered on Sept 17th.
 Information on the festival is here:

 Lizzie (Amanda) has a baby!

Quinlan Murphy are her first two names......

She was born on July 28 at 1:50 p.m.
Weighing 8 pounds and 11 3/4"

<Lizzie> "....We are doing well. A little sleep deprived, but that is to be expected. I actually got up and took the dogs on separate walks for a bit of exercise this morning. At any rate, I feel pretty good...Well, Quinn is just fantastic. So long - over 22 inches! Tell everyone I am  juggling new motherhood and trying to finish my first young adult novel......."  Elizabeth Gracen
                                                                                           **Per Carmel at HLWW

Peace is alive!!

August 18, 2005

Adrian's renewed
(Protect, Educate, Aid, Children Everywhere) effort was opened online.

More updates coming soon!

Fri Aug 5,12:06 PM ET
VILNIUS, Lithuania (AFP) - British film-making company Katan Productions will start shooting the fifth movie sequel of the television series Highlander in Lithuania in September, the Lithuanian Film Studio production company announced.

The movie, called Highlander: The Source, directed by Brett Leonard and starring Adrian Paul, is to be shot in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, in the second largest city, Kaunas, and in Trakai, home to a medieval castle. "We do not doubt that the unique architecture of Lithuanian cities and the local countryside will help to create a special atmosphere," Christiano von Tippelskich, who will produce the movie, said.
(Trakai Castle said to be used in the new film.)
"The professional specialists at Lithuanian Film Studio will make not only original costumes and decorations, but also mountains," he added.
Lithuania has no mountains, the highest elevation in the Baltic state rising to just over 300 metres (900 feet) above sea level.
Some 120 people will be involved in the filming of the new Highlander, which is to last about seven weeks.
According to Ramunas Skikas, head of Lithuanian Film Studio, said shooting Highlander will be one of the major projects at the studio this year.
The first season of "War of the Worlds" ...

... is coming to DVD on November 1. The cult classic series lasted for just two seasons, and Adrian Paul was a series regular in the show's
second and final season.

Adrian plays John Kincaid and it also stars Philip Akin who played "Charlie Salvo" in a few Highlander episodes. Adrian is NOT in the first season, so let's hope they put out Season 2.

Dark Shadows -  The Complete Revival Series
To be released :October 18, 2005

Barnabas is back, played by
Chariots of Fire star
Ben Cross, in a 3-DVD set from MGM

 Adrian played Jeremiah Collins
in this 1991 effort.
He only appeared in Episodes 7, 8 and 9 but if the Blooper Reel is included, then this is worth the money!

July 2005

Thanks to several of our
Hungarian members for
sharing the recent article
about Adrian and Alexandra
and his recent stay
in Hungary.

July 4...

According to an
announcement in Variety...
LONDON - Lions Gate has picked up North American rights to "Highlander - The Journey Continues," the fifth film in Davis Panzer's "Highlander" franchise. Davis Panzer is planning three new "Highlander" features over the next two years, starting with "The Journey Continues," which will be directed by Bret Leonard and stars Adrian Paul. Adrian will also be executive producer.
(See article in June)

can be pre-ordered
at Amazon, Deep Discount, Walmart, Blockbuster and Target for an
August 2, 2005 release.

"No way Up" it's overseas title was aired on Cinemax/HBO in Asia.

You can see the movie's trailer, photos and more at the
official website

"Moscow Heat"
to be released on DVD and VHS in USA & Canada from Universal Home Video on
November 15 says Alexander Nevsky.

"Phantom Below"
Phantom Below--purchased by Sony Entertainment and will be out October-December 2005.

More news as we get it!
Meanwhile, check out our Moscow Heat page and our Phantom Below page for pics and info.
Adrian signed autographs and held a short Q&A on June 25th & 26th at the London Film & Comic Convention
Lucky Stephy!!

Deb Q (one of the moderators for Adrian's Angels) was announced as the winner of the Peace Online Issue #44 fiction contest. Her short story was selected by Doug Aarniokoski (director of "Endgame") as the winner.

He chose her story "The Last Farewel"l because it "eloquently lays Connor and his legacy to rest." Here she is holding her prize,
a replica of Duncan's Katana.
You may read her story, click on her picture above!

June 2005
Adrian Paul & Duncan MacLeod..
together again!!
(photo courtesy of Stephy)

June 24.....From John Bierly -Editor, PEACE Online

Hello Everybody,

It is my honor and my pleasure to pass this along from Adrian himself:

"The new Highlander movie is going to start shooting sometime later this year in Eastern Europe. David Abramowitz is putting the final touches on to the script, and once approved it will go into pre-production later this year. I have always said that I would never do another one unless I had more control over the product. Well, this time I am executive-producing it. Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man) is set to direct. Be ready to see a new Highlander film, one that has the quality of the television series with a new sound and look for 2006. Everyone is excited to be able to produce something that will revamp such a successful franchise. Once the rights fell back to Davis-Panzer after the demise of Dimension Films, Peter Davis approached me to star and executive produce. Watch here for more details as they are announced."
Love "Bonny Portmore?"
Check out the Rogues awesome rendering
on their new CD "Roguetrip."

The Rogues of Scotland performed at the Highlander Convention "Legacy 2000" and have appeared at numerous Renaissance Festivals around the world.

Featuring EJ Jones (late of Clandestine) playing flute, and Jeremy Freeman (second place in the Silver Medal piping competition at the Northern Meeting in Inverness last fall) on the bagpipes.  

Music clips, pics and more at

Thanks to Vicki for the update!
(band photographer/ webmaster/cheerleader/general mudz)
Adrian in Hungary
Adrian Paul, Alexandra Tonelli and Budino
Check out all the ARCHIVEs for great info and pics!

Adrian, Alexandra and Budino wander
Budapest in a video released June 9th. A little over 3 minutes worth, but packed full
of intimate scenes.

Thanks to Kati for alerting us!!

The Raven
Soon to be released on DVD
HIGHLANDER: The Raven Special Collector's Edition Set Featuring new and exclusive interviews with Elizabeth Gracen and Paul Johansson!
Including episode commentary and
behind-the-scenes interviews.

Order now from Highlander-Official for early delivery before it hits retail stores.
Original Price: $89.95  Now only: $39.99

Exclusive Interview w/Liz!!
dOc Scenes Interview: A Raven and a Writing Desk: The Immortal Elizabeth Grace.. by Mark Zimmer
In revenge, patience is a virtue.
And after a few thousand years,
Colin MacLeod doesn't give a damn about virtue...

After 4 movies and two successful television series, you've never seen the
HIGHLANDER like this.
MacLeod returns with a vengeance in an animated feature length epic!

In the tradition of "Vampire Hunter D" and "Ninja Scroll," anime wizard Yoshiaki Kawajiri brings his unique visual bravura to the immortal "Highlander" franchise. For the first time, the MacLeod katana blade will find itself in the hands of a Japanese master.
More info to come!

Still taking donations!


(Adrian and his brother Andrew)
May 2005  
Adrian and Alexandra in Cannes!
copyright WireImage

Out and about in Cannes, they attended a screening of the "Broken Flowers" film
premiere. Adrian was also snapped at the
"Sin City" photocall.

copyright: WireImage
"The Children of Phi Phi Island"

(with kind permission from  Josh Grindall
Secretary COPPI )

"The Children of Phi Phi Island"
a book of children's stories and pictures
was released April 27.

In the aftermath of the Tsunami of Dec 26th, the children tell their stories of survival with words and pictures.

The book is helping to raise money for one of Adrian's
charities The Phi Phi Island Relief Fund.

 The Phi Phi is also planning a Black Tie
fundraiser in London on June 9, 2005
Adrian Attends Jackie Robinson
Foundation Gala
on May 5th at the Westin century City Hotel.

copyright WireImage

Check out more pics at:

Adrian is to attend the London Film & comic Convention on June 25th and 26th as confirmed by APFC

Adrian and Peter W on stage at HLWW6 in
Sydney, Australia.
(courtesy of Elaine & Erica)

(Gail, Adrian & Elaine)
Adrian signed some special
Adrian's Angels shirts to go up for
auction soon to help his Tsunami Relief effort!
"THROTTLE" to be released
August 2nd!!

To be released by Screen Media, through Universal Home Entertainment on DVD  Available through pre-order at

You can see the movie's trailer, photos and more at the official website

New cover for Throttle
April 2005

"Things Just Change"
Adrian, along with fellow castmates Jessica Pennington, Juri Henley-Cohn and Marianne Ferrari performed April 5 & 6 and April 12 & 13 on stage at the Odyssey Theater (in Los Angeles) in a play written by Julie Osburn .

Several write-ups will be in the next

copyright: Rileah Ringo

Those who attended say it was awesome!
Write-ups by them will be appearing in the upcoming APFC/PEACE issue.
Adrian Paul: Last Man Standing

AP talks about Season 6, the series and his work as a Humanitarian in an online magazine.

"Charting new Waters in a Gay Role"

Looking for a gritty and urban cover, the
San Diego BUZZ featured Adrian on the cover and photos inside, along with a great article by Bill Bliss.
The Bond Petition
(awesome Bond collage courtesy of Stephy)
Once again the fans are attempting to get
the word out to TPTB that we think Adrian Paul is the perfect James Bond.

A petition has been started, go SIGN!!

There is also a quick vote site:
copyright APFC

You can vote once a day!
Help keep Adrian in the #1 spot!

Tides of War aired April 2005 on Here! TV!
The reviews are's great!

For behind the scenes pics, visit Adrian's Official site

For some awesome screencaps and more
info check out our Phantom Below page!
( content!)

You may also check out scheduling  info at:

To see the Official Trailerclick here:
March 2005

 Straight from Adrian himself:

"Thought you might be able to put this out to the fans in case they  are interested in coming to see this.

I am producing, and acting in, a Showcase called "Things Just Change." The play is an original piece written and directed by Julie  Osburn, one of the members of "Actors in Process" (AIP), a group consisting of established actors who came together two years ago to  work on original and published theater works.

"Things just Change," a  dark comedy about how life can change in an instant when people are  in love, is fully funded by AIP. This is the group's first production and hopefully will receive funding for a full run by summer 2005.

The Showcase will be held on April 5, 6, 12 and 13 at the Odyssey Theater in west L.A. The Odyssey is located at 2055 S. Sepulveda, W. Los Angeles, CA 90025. Please do not call the theater for  information. A suggested donation of $10 will be accepted at the door.

The contact information is as follows.
 Email Reservations:
Telephone reservations: 818 872 3383

Please don't expect to see Duncan MacLeod, because he won't be  anywhere in sight."


Courtesy of: John Bierly, PEACE editor and John Mosby, Verbatim Editor
Tides of War/Phantom Below
According to Mark Sanderson, writer, the film will premiere and open the Hawaii International Film Festival ( on March 31 at 8 pm in the Hawaii Theater.
Hawaii Theater Center
1130 Bethel Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
He also says....
"Phantom Below" will be the title used to release this picture in Japan and to other TV networks (except HERE! TV)

So, on pay per view channel -Here TV- it will be "TIDES OF WAR."
(Is anyone else confused? LOL

Tides of War to air early April 2005 on HereTV!

For more up-to-date behind the scenes pics be sure and visit Adrian's Official Web Site
February 2005

Actress Kelly Hu and actor Adrian Paul pose at the Jennifer Love Hewitt, Esquire Magazine and AIDS-Project Los Angeles 4th annual Oscar viewing party in Los Angeles February 27, 2005.
Courtesy: REUTERS/Gene Blevins
More pics available at:

Adrian attended the
2005 DVD Exclusive Awards
February 8th in Los Angeles, CA
Interviewed by Stephanie and
Robert Sanchez
see the video interview at:
(link no longer active, sorry)
Special thanks to:
Stephanie Sanchez
Robert Sanchez
MPAA Accredited
Your Friendly Neighborhood Websites!


Thanks to Sheryl for finding this gem
 and to
Deb Q for the great Screencaps

Over $45,000 has been raised so far!
You can still donate!!

Press Release was issued by Davis-Panzer on Friday 11th Feb.

West Hollywood, CA - February 11, 2005 - HIGHLANDER TV Series star Adrian Paul in collaboration with Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp (DAMC), Davis-Panzer Productions (DP) and Highlander WorldWide (HLWW) have come together to raise funds for the devastated Thai Island of Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi, formerly renowned as one of the seven most beautiful places in the world by distinguished explorer Jacques Cousteau, and used in the feature film "The Beach" is now flattened in the rubble of the tsunamis of Dec. 26, 2004. Adrian Paul's brother Andrew had lived and operated an adventure travel business on this small island, a one and a half hour boat trip from Phuket, for over 11years. Andrew and the people, of the island now in ruins, need assistance to rebuild schools, homes and businesses.

After learning that Andrew and his family survived, with nothing but the clothes on their back, Adrian Paul declared, "I wasn't surprised to hear my brother say that he wasn't going to leave but instead help rebuild the island's infrastructure. It was a massive job, and I was determined to help him any way I could."

Adrian has turned to DP/DAMC to help organize a series of auctions to assist with raising funds for the rebuilding effort. The first auction will include original set costumes and props from the HIGHLANDER film and TV sets including Duncan's leather trench coat, a rare rubber katana and villains' costumes; personal possessions from Adrian Paul including the La Carrera Pan America race helmet, candid set pictures autographed from various cast, and individuallyframed photos; and HIGHLANDER collectibles from the Official HIGHLANDER Store. Every item and cash donation will includea thank you certificate signed by a combination of HIGHLANDER Creators and Producers Peter S. Davis & Bill Panzer and/or Adrian Paul.

Peter S. Davis, DP/DAMC's CEO, expressed "When Adrian shared the miraculous survival story of his brother's family in light of such a terrible disaster, there was no question-we would assist in any way possible. How could we not?"

The first phase of IMMORTAL AID will commence with an auction on HLWW ( on Monday, February 14th and continue through the Friday, February 18th. We are then looking to partner with additional auction sites to continue raising funds for IMMORTAL AID throughout the year.
Source: Davis-Panzer.

~ Rock N Bowl~

Adrian and friends bowled a few games to help
"Olive Crest for Children"
on Feb 19 in Studio city, CA
(According to
Adrian Attends Book Party
Held for acting coach Larry Moss
"The Intent to Live"
(photo by:Ortega)

Hosted by:
Jason Alexander and David Duchvony
See photos at:
New title: THROTTLE
Acccording to Felicia, Grayson McCouch's fan club president

The movie was scheduled to be shown at the
Bradford Film Festival March 4-19, 2005 at the National Museum of Photography.

January 2005  

Adrian in Moscow Heat
See the newly captured pics of Adrian in
Moscow Heat!!

Special thanks to our correspondent, Ellina, in Russia who provided these awesome pics!

See more!! Click here!!
"Parking your car will never be the same again" promises E5's trailer.

Universal Home Entertainment will release "E5" In August 2005 and HDNet will premiere the film in January 2006 and James Seale is in discussions with one of the nation's largest theater chains for a limited release.

~Linda Kennedy~
Denver Post   January 20, 2005
Special thanks to contributors: Linda A, Sheryl, Gail, Olga, Ellina, Karen, Marjon, Wain, John , Pat T, Stephy, and others
who wish to remain anonymous, but deserve the praise anyway!  SS..I could NOT do this without you!

HIGHLANDER is a worldwide copyright and trademark of Davis*Panzer Productions,
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