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Adrian Paul News Archive 2008
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

Adrian Paul News Archive 2008
Adrian Paul News Archive 2007
Adrian Paul News Archive 2006
Adrian Paul News Archive 2005
Adrian Paul News Archive 2004
We have the news like no one else!!

~JUNE 2008~  ~JUNE 2008~  ~JUNE 2008~
Adrian Paul thanks his fansCheck out the brand new video of Adrian talking about his Birthday,
new merchandise for PEACE and APNet and thanking his fans
for all the Birthday greetings. Adrian you are the best!

Photo courtesy of: APNet
Just announced that the Stanford Jumpcon where Adrian
was to appear has been canceled. They are undergoing some
web site and staff changes over there, so check back here and
at Adrian's official web site for the latest updates.
Adrian Paul Biurthday May 2008Adrian Paul celebrates his 49th birthday with a few
days of festivities with friends and loved ones.

Check out the great new pics on Adrian's Official
web site.

Click HERE!

Photo courtesy: APnet
Adrian Paul stars in Nine Miles DownNine Miles Down has a new movie trailer and it looks exciting...
scary and thrilling! Just what we want from an Adrian movie. :>)

Check it out at Seven Arts. Just go to Coming Soon and select
"Nine Miles Down" to watch the video.

Click HERE!

You can also check out some ScreenCaps on our private
AA Pic Pages.  Click HERE!

Adrian Paul's dog, BudinoCheck out the new-ish pic of Adrian on the set of "Nine Miles Down"
with his pal, Budino.

Budino has his own Dogster page, too cute!

Click HERE!
Some dates have changed for Adrian's appearance at the
series of JumpCon conventions. Here is a list of those we
are aware of at this time. For more info, check the JumpCon
web site.
Or please check out Adrian's Official site at:

July 11-13 Stamford, CT, July 18-20 Boston, MA, July 25-27 Pittsburgh, PA, August 1-3 Somerset, NJ, August 8-10 Washington, DC,
August 15-17 Cleveland, OH, August 22-24 Detroit, MI, September 5-7 Atlanta, GA, November 14-16 Montgomery, AL,
November 21-23 Kansas City, MO, November 28-30, Dallas, TX, December 5-7 New Orleans, LA

Adrian Paul interview by Arrow in the Head
A nice interview that we missed! Back in March 2008 Adrian was interviewed about "The Source",
his new film "Nine MilesDown" and more!  You can read it HERE!
Indylander October 3-5, 2008October 3rd, 4th and 5th might prove to be the most exciting Highlander
event to date!   More info HERE!!  

 Check out a portion of the recent interview
with Adrian in Starlog Magazine.  (You can
order online) Issue #365 was on newsstands recently
and Adrian speaks about filming "EYEBORGS"
and "The Heavy."  
<<<<Click Here!!
The 2008 Adrian Paul Birthday
Project was a great success !

Thanks to the over 300+ fans from
19 countries who took the time to
light a candle for Adrian's Birthday.

Read what Adrian had to say
about it HERE!
A new Highlander movieA new HIGHLANDER? Say it ain't so! But according to a
new interview at by Brian Pendreigh
that's just what is happening!

Can anyone replace Christopher Lambert? Many high
priced Hollywood names are being bandied about
and with a large budget, this movie might just make
it to the big screen and revitalize the "Highlander" mystique.

Read Brian's interview at:
~MAY 2008~  ~MAY 2008~  ~MAY 2008~
Adrian Paul War of the WorldsAdrian has been busy behind the scenes recently too!
Narrating voice over for the new "The War of the Worlds."
Speaking as the character Pactrick O'Brien he is joined
by other Highlander alumni Peter Wingfield, Elizabeth
Gracen, Jim Byrnes as well as Adam Baldwin.

<<<Click Here for more info and pics from
Adrian Paul apartment renovationThe 7th  installment (and final) of the Adrian and Alexandra
apartment renovation video is now online and ready to enjoy.
The apartment is finished, decorated and ready to view and

<<<<Click Here
Adrian Paul apartment renovation 6The 6th  installment of the Adrian and Alexandra
apartment renovation video is now online and ready to enjoy.
Adrian looks wonderful and this time you can actually hear
him telling a bit more about the apartment which looks
finished and decorated.
<<<<Click Here

Special thanks go out to all the Hunlander group and to Victoria for taking all the time to put it online
for we fans to watch.  If you cannot view the can at least enjoy some screencaps I've done
of all the episodes. Find those here:
Adrian's Birthday is May 29th!!!
Help us Celebrate and light a candle!

This year, because of some private and personal issues by those who run Adrian's
Angels, we were not able to dedicate a huge amout of time to putting together a
fun page for Adrian's Birthday. We have come up with a really nice idea and hope
you all will once again help us make his day extra special.   Open TO ALL FANS
you can show Adrian where you are in the world and light up a candle for PEACE.

Click Here for more info and to begin.
~APRIL 2008~  ~APRIL 2008~  ~APRIL 2008~
The 5th  installment of the Adrian and Alexandra
apartment renovation video is now online and ready to enjoy.
Adrian looks wonderful and this time you can actually hear
him telling a bit more about the apartment which looks
finished and decorated.
<<<<Click Here

Special thanks go out to all the Hunlander group and to
Victoria for taking all the time to put it online for we fans
to watch.  If you cannot view the can at least
enjoy some screencaps I've done of all the episodes.

STARLOG Issue #365, May 2008 is now on the newstands. Featuring a four (4) page spread on Adrian.  "Forever Highlander" is a great article and well worth the money. Lots of pics and a great read.

Find at a local newstand, or order direct from STARLOG. (Click on pic at left)

A cool new logo and a new look to the Adrian Paul PEACE
Organization page.

Just announced by Sue Viney,  PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, CHildren ,
Everywhere) is even more dedicated to helping children and now they
are showing some more in-depth stories about where the money
(your donations.. hint, hint) are going.

Some pics and reports of Adrian's appearance at the
Romantic Times BookLovers Convention, April 16-20th
are just coming in. Be sure and check them out!

<<<click on pic to see a quickie video and read a
report by Barbara Vey.

~MARCH 2008~  ~MARCH 2008~  ~MARCH 2008~
Thanks to the Hunlander group..and Vikka for sharing this awesome video!
Adrian and Alexandra are filmed at their new apartment by OTLETHAZ a
televison show in Hungary. Adrian and Alexandra are renovating their apartment.
More episodes to come, but this is about 10 minutes long. Might take some time to
download, but it will be worth it. Sadly, you only get a  little bit of Adrian speaking
in English but he doesspeak about the fact that he and Alex are partial to a
Mediterranean style.

See our Screencaps of the video HERE
A few more online interviews with Adrian about the release of "Highlander: The Source"
are showing up.    Some are quite eyeopeners!      
Movies Online has  6 short clips from
"Highlander: The Source"
for you to enjoy!

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
Thanks to all the donations, PEACE has announced that they donated another $10,000
to the Relief Fund of Romania, and in February donated $10,000 to COTA (Children's Organ
Transplant Association) and.....another $10,000 to TAB (Teachers Across Borders)

For more info click on link at left and see how your much needed donations are
helping to Protect, Educate, Aid, Children Everywhere!!
Enter to win a weekend getaway in the Highlander Official 2008 Getaway Giveaway!!
A trip for 2 to Malibu, California, lots of Highlander schwag (goodies), movie props
and dine with Producer Peter S. Davis.   

Click Here
 Courtesy Shawn Dempsey
Adrian has been popping up all over the place with online interviews for the release
of "Highlander:The Source" on DVD which was released on February 26th.


If you missed old interviews, check  out our Online Interviews list and read about his
work in the past.
~FEBRUARY 2008~  ~FEBRUARY 2008~  ~FEBRUARY 2008~
Moonlight Rising CancelledThis Convention  has been CANCELLED!!!! Originally scheduled for
July 18-20 in Bushkill, PA, the promoters say they will refund all monies
paid. Use the CONTACT info provided with your tickets to find out how
to get your refund. MOONLIGHT RISING
Huggy Bears
Help us, help them!The 3rd delivery of stuffed animals was delivered to the Isleta Pueblo Indian police
department on February 7th. Thank you ALL for your sponsoship and generous help!!

See all the pics HERE!

Adrians Angels The Group
Angel of the Month
World Fan Map
Huggy Bears
Gutter GirlsWho Are We
Fan Expressions (Fan Art, Fan writings)Adrian's Angels latest online auction was a success! Utilizing Mission Fish (see below)
this time, we raised almost $400 for PEACE!  Thank you to all who bid and supported us.
There were lots of great items, including many autographed by Adrian Paul. Check
back often, we have more items to tempt you soon!!
Adrian Paul stars!Get your pre-orders in now! "SEANCE" (which is great!)  starring Adrian Paul, a horror flick
directed by Mark L. Smith, is due to be released on DVD April 22nd. Adrian plays a psychopath
killer bent on revenge. As the tagline reads...."5 college ghostly do the math."

You can pre-order now at Amazon or other online book vendors.
Adrian Paul as Captain DrakeA few brief questions were put to Captain Drake director, David Flores (Lake Placid) in an
online interview with A few questions and he talks of when it might be
expected to be released.

StarlogAdrian just announced that Adrian was interviewed for an
upcoming issue of Starlog magazine. Issue #365 will be on newsstands
in April 2008. You can
Dreamsongs with excerpts read by Adrian PaulThe Audio Publishers Association (APA) is hosting the "Audies" awards on May 30th in
Los Angeles These awards are the only awards in the US that are given for the spoken word

Adrian narrated several sections of "DreamSongs 1" by George R.R. Martin. The winners will
be announced at a gala celebration held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

You can buy a copy online at:

~JANUARY 2008~  ~JANUARY 2008~  ~JANUARY 2008~
Moonlight Rising CancelledJoining other SciFi illuminaries such as: Nigel Bennett,
Armin Shimerman, Elizabeth Rohm, )Jewel Staite,  Tony Todd,
Michael Bailey Smith and many other SciFi favs ...Adrian will be in
fine company!  
Con isn't until July 18th-20th, 2008 in Bushkill, PA  
so there is plenty of time to save up those pennies for this
"not to miss" event!   For more info check out their web page for all the info:   MOONLIGHT RISING
Adrian has confirmed his appearance at the Romantic Times

April 16-20, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA  is where aspiring writers, published authors,
readers and booksellers will convene. Adrian is considered one of the Top !0
Cover Models (where are those books!!!!!!) and will be in attendance along with
other hot cover models at the Saturday night (April 19) Cover Model Reunion Dinnner

Your chance is finally here! You have always wanted to meet Adrian, but the Cons were too
expensive or too far away. Not anymore! just announced that Adrian would be attending quite a few of the JumpCon
events between July and December 2008.  

From Pittsburgh, to Ohio, to Texas and so many
more. find all the dates at ADRIANPAUL.NET and more Con info at JUMPCON.
Help Adrian Paul raise funds for PEACE through Mission Fish.Help support PEACE in an incredibly easy way!  has joined up with Mission Fish,
where you can sell your own items (through E-bay) and have up to 100% of the
proceeds go to PEACE.  E-bay even reimburses most of your selling costs...
so dig around, see what you can find and help raise some much needed
money for PEACE!  

All the info you need is HERE!  
  PEACE help support by selling your Adrian Paul or Highlander stuff online!

ScifFi Now magazine Issue #10
Adrian Paul InterviewIssue # 10 of SciFi Now has a two page interview with Adrian Paul.
Adrian reflects on making the movie, Highlander: The Source and talks
about his career.

Adrian Paul Holiday Card 2007
Click here to sign your name and use the world Fan MapAdrian enjoyed our Holiday Card once again. Our THANKS to Carmel, President of HLWW
for passing on the link to Adrian. We also send out a huge THANK YOU to all the fans who
participated in making our vision come true.

Adrian writes, "Please tell them that I appreciate the amount of time it must have taken to come up with
everything that rhymed. It took me a moment sometimes to think about which character was which project.
Please wish them all a fabulous New Year."   Adrian P

Highlander the Source
starring Adrian PaulShowcased within collectable foil packaging, HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE comes to DVD on
February 26th. Loaded with special features including a behind-scenes-documentary, a tribute
to Bill Panzer, a sneak-peak at the HIGHLANDER video game and more!
Included in this exclusive package is the CD of the soundtrack for "The Source" -The Original Score

highlander the source cd

Check out Highlander: The Source CD, now available on iTunes.
Adrian Paul Fanzone
Click here!
Be sure and read the Holiday Messages from Adrian on both the

<<AP Fanzone

and the PEACE Fund pages>>
Adrian Paul PEACE Fund

If you find any unusable links please contact me. Thank you.

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