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Adrian Paul  News Archive 2009
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

We have the news like no one else!!

~ DECEMBER 2009 ~ DECEMBER 2009  ~ DECEMBER 2009 ~
A new entry in Adrian's baby blog!  It is
so lovely to read of Adrian's excitement about the
new baby girl that's coming soon.

Click HERE for Adrian Paul's Baby Blog

Click HERE for The BABIES Blog  (Our little venture
into babyland)
To benefit the National Foundation for Autism Research ( Adrian
and many celebrities read portions of the classic "The Night Before
Christmas" and it was filmed by Chris Morrow of CNNiReport.
(see the video  on our Screencaps page 3).  

Each reader signed the special book and it's up for auction on E-Bay.
Here is the link:  CLICK HERE   Proceeds will benefit the San DiegoAutism
Teachers Grant Program.  Adrian signed  the book and donated as well. so
it's worth bidding on to help such a great cause.
Adrian Paul winter 2009 annual message
The annual message from Adrian is up at the Adrian
Paul Official site. Please enjoy and from us to Adrian...
a HUGE Thank You for a wonderful 2009.

Click HERE to read his message.
Adrian Paul holiday card 2009
The 2009 Adrian Paul Snowflake Research project is now
ready!!  Our annual card to Adrian is finished.

We hope you enjoy. :>)

Adrian Paul CNN iReport video by Chris Morrow
   See the short but sweet "Guilty Pleasures" that Chris Morrow
shared on

<<<<<<<<<<<<Click HERE

Then, check out the couple of Screencaps I managed to get.
See them and many others (3 pages worth!) right HERE!
Adrian Paul December 2009 Free calendar
The last one of the year!!
2009 has flown by and you've had 12 great Calendars
to keep you company. Get ready for another 12
as we head towards 2010.

Download your FREE Adrian Paul calendar
<<<<Click HERE
Adrian Paul baby Blogs
Guess what? Adrian and Alexandra have decided to share their
new experiences about becoming parents with us, the fans!
How, you might ask? By starting their own Baby Blog.
Go now and read Adrian's comments about their bundle of joy and
afterwards, head over to our fan based BABIES BLog and leave
a message for Adrian and Alex or some parenting advice.

Click HERE for Adrian Paul's Baby Blog

Click HERE for The BABIES Blog
~ NOVEMBER 2009 ~ NOVEMBER 2009  ~ NOVEMBER 2009 ~
Adrian Paul November 2009 Free Calendar
It's that time again! Time to turn your clocks back
and time for another great monthly FREE Adrian Paul

Download yours today!
<<<<<<click HERE
~ OCTOBER 2009 ~ OCTOBER 2009  ~ OCTOBER 2009 ~
So that all the "Auntie & Uncle" fans can be a part of this new baby
Adrian & Alexa (along with TPTB) have set up 2 Baby Registries.
Happy shopping for all the girly stuff. :>)

You can also read a note by Adrian over at

Ooooops! I think I spilled  spilled the beans, but if you want
to read Adrian's excited words about the upcoming production
between he and Alexa, head over to


And don't forget, you can post Congrats to
Adrian and Alexa at The BABIES Blog
Adrian Paul and Alexandra Tonelli are expeting a baby
It's official! The baby is on the way and to help the
new parents, and to feel a part of it all, we've opened up
a little parental advice Blog for Adrian and Alexandra.
The BABIES Blog will let you give them your best advice,
anecdotes as well as send congrats and best wishes to
the happy couple.
BTW..BABIES stands for Before Adrian Buys It Expensive Stuff

Head on over and let's get YOUR 2 cents!!  Click HERE
Adrian Paul October free Calendar
The new October 2009 Adrian Paul calendar is now ready!
Did we mention it's FREE???

Just download your copy, use as a desktop, a screensaver,
or print it out and take to the office.  

We hope you enjoy!

<<<<<<Click HERE

Photos courtesy Diane Upps and MoneyZeal
According to Adrian, Adrian's offical
web site, there is a brand new exciting "role" for
Adrian Paul in the comign years. His lovely co-star,
Alexandra, will have a major part in this new

Actually, you need to read the news over there,
but we at Adrian's Angels wish the happy couple
and their combined "new roles,"  all the best.
Adrian Paul in Eyeborgs
There is a new "Eyeborgs" cast interview  by Alan
Fitch (Reality Check) that is quite interesting. Be sure
and listen to what Adrian's mother thinks of the movie!
Click HERE   Ep.2.19  Man vs. the Eyeborgs
Adrian Paul Cannes 2009
Photo by Quinn Bender/
Check out the great new "Behind the Scenes
of  'Eyeborgs'" video interview by Quinn Bender.
We saw this movie at HLWW9 (LA April) &
 it's understandable why it's getting awards and
great reviews.  Quinn interviewed Adrian
in his hotel room in Cannes. Thank you Quinn!

<<<<Click HERE to see the interview on our
EYEBORGS movie page.
(permission granted by
The Heavy is set to be released on Blu-Ray
on Decmber 26th...Blu-ray on 28th.
At this time, it's only being promised
to the United Kingdom (UK) but we
can hope it will make it's way to the
US soon!
More info at the official site:

See the Trailer here!

Adrian Paul free september calendar
Get your FREE FREE FREE Adrian Paul
Calendar for September 2009.  A lovely
pic from Highlander and one of Adrian and
Budino make this an enchanting desktop
or screensaver to pass the month with.

<<<<<Click HERE
Highlander: Season One

Available on Blu-Ray September 22nd

With lots of extra interviews and info not
found on the VHS or the DVD versions.

Check it out at

You can always catch Highlander episodes
clips at this same great site!
adrian paul at Comic Con 2009
Wonderful Adrian Paul interview by Allan Given

Adrian Paul: Man of Action, Man of Peace

~AUGUST 2009 ~  ~ AUGUST 2009~   ~AUGUST 2009~
Nine Miles Down a new psychological
thriller starring Adrian Paul , is due to be released
in Germany on November 27th...on  Blu-Ray.

No word on when it will end up available in
the US. The German cover is shown at left.

You can Pre-Order at

Watch the Trailer HERE!
Your Adrian Paul calendar is totally FREE!!

A lovely PEACE related version for August.

<<<<Click HERE to get yours!!
~JULY 2009 ~  ~ JULY 2009~   ~JULY 2009~
Adrian Paul and Daid Abramowitz
Comic Con 2009
Listen to an interesting Adrian interview
on with Dr. Blogstein,
Jason Sadler and more. Sorry, but ya need
to find something else to do for the first 52
minutes until Adrian is announced.

It is worth the wait!!

Adrian Paul at Comic Con 2009
Some great new pics are up on the forum
so head on over and check them out!
Thanks to Carmel and all for sharing. :>)

Nice pic at
Get your FREE FREE FREE Adrian Paul Calendar
for July. Those days are HOT and so is this one!

<<<<<<<Click HERE
"Moments in Film Competition"

You have until July 13th, so get on over to Adrian Paul's
official site for all the rules & info.
Adrian will do the judging, so this will be FUN!

The "War of the World" DVD will officially launch
at the San Diego Comic-Con, 23-26 July.

A special "meet & greet" sessions with the voice cast, DAILY.
Look for them at the HEAVY METAL BOOTH, no. 1629, near the
 Warner Bros booth.

Please see the schedule here:

Adrian and Peter Wingfield will both be appearing and
signing autographs.
~JUNE 2009 ~  ~ JUNE 2009~   ~JUNE 2009~
We found an old 2006 video of Adrian we thought
 you might enjoy.
Enjoy the video and if you can't see
it, I've put some screencaps up on
the  Screencaps page too.

<<<Click HERE
The Colbys...Someone kindly took the
time to put up some clips from the Colbys
and Adrian looks so young, so adorable
and that Russian accent is pretty good
according to my Russian authority. :>)

Take a look...there are 8 clips total
and no commercials! LOL

Check out our AA Colbys page
for tons of pics!!

Highlander 1.01 audio books, adrian paul
Big Finish Productions released the 1st of 4
audio CDs in a series of untold Highlander
stories. Dramatic reading by Adrian Paul
as Duncan MacLeod with several other co-stars.
There are several in the series available for
pre-order at this time. For more info visit

Or check out our AA Audio Page!

Adrian Paul calendar July 2009
Get your FREE FREE FREE Adrian Paul
Calendar for June 2009. Pics are shots
taken at the HLWW9 Convention in
April (by Linda Parks) and this will make a
great desktop or screensaver to pass the
month with.

<<<<Click HERE
"The Heavy" starring Adrian Paul, Stephen Rea,
Christopher Lee, Gary Stretch and Vinnie Jones
is set for limited release on July  3rd in the
Glasgow, Scotland area and by July 31st it will
be on select  theater screens in London.

There have been 5 covers so far and the newest
one (shown on The Heavy web site) doesn't even
list  Adrian. You can see all 5 covers and screenshots
here: AA Movie Pics Page

~MAY 2009 ~  ~ MAY 2009~   ~MAY 2009~
Adrian Paul Birthday project 2009
The 2009 Adrian Paul Birthday Project
is now open!!

Read the card, then use the Guest Book
to send your birthday greetings to Adrian.

**UPDATE!!! Thanks to Carmel MacPherson (Pres. HLWW)
for sending our card to Adrian, which is really enjoyed.
Adrian Paul Calendar
Your FREE May Adrian Paul Calendar is
now ready for download!!

Spring into spring with a lot of PEACE.

<<<<Click HERE
Adrian Paul at the Lollipops and Rainbows Launch Party May 2 2009 video from Maximo TV
Maximo TV offers up a clip of
Adrian from the Lollipops And Rainbows
Foundation Launch Party May 2, 2009

~APRIL 2009 ~  ~ APRIL 2009~   ~APRIL 2009~
The London International Festival of
Science Fiction and Fantastic Film is where
"EYEBORGS" premiered on April 29th.
(photo by mega eye)

Adrian Paul at the Champagne Launch of Brit Week April 23 2009
Adrian  attended the Champagne Launch
Of BritWeek 2009 on April 23, 2009  at the
British Consul General's Offcial Residence,
Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Adrian Paul attends Mutant Chronicles  premiere
Adrian attended the premiere of
"Mutant Chronicles'"  at Mann's Bruin Theatre
on April 21, 2009 in Westwood, California.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images
Adrian Paul attends 5th Anniversary Dinner Cathys Kids Foundation
Adrian attended the 5th Anniversary Dinner of the
Cathy's Kids Foundation On April 17th.  Hosted by Lamar
Odom at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Photo courtesy of Jen Oberholtzer
THe HLWW9 Con is over!! But it shall
live on with reports and pics.

   Check out our
    for the links.
Get your FREE Adrian Paul Calender for April!
Our contest winner this month is yours  to use
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Adrian Paul The Highlander
Adrian Paul News
it's a Highlander feast!! All day April 2nd
8am-1am (MST) Sci-FI Channel will be airing
various episodes. Check their listings for a full
list of epiesodes.

April 12th- Nemesis GAme airs on Chicago's WGN
~MARCH 2009 ~  ~ MARCH 2009~   ~MARCH 2009~
Riverrun International Film Festival  Eyeborgs
"Eyeborgs" is set to be shown at the Riverun
International Film Festival  on April 27th as reported
by YES Weekly. Nice article that gives  some info on
the long awaited Adrian film.

Go HERE for more info.
Adrian Pau,HLWW9 Highlander Con LA April 24-27, 2009
HLWW9 begins in less that 30 days and promises
to be the biggest and best Highlander Con yet!
All Four Horsemen as well as many stars, including:
Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield, Stan Kirsch, Elizabeth
Gracen, Lisa Howard, Valentine Pelka and more!
Get your tickets while you can!! Click HERE!
Adrian Paul The Highlander
Sci-Fi Channel is once again airing more Highlander
episodes. Expect epis from Season 1 & 2, and not in
order. Word is that Sci-fi will eventually air the entire
series, but no idea when. We just need to support this and
write Sci-Fi to let them know we enjoy seeing HL.
Also, the "Source" is airing that same day.
Check YOUR listsings at:
Free Adrian Paul Calendar
A  new FREE March 2009 Calendar just for you!

Print it out, save as your desktop..whatever, but
we hope you enjoy it.

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~FEBRUARY 2009~  ~FEBRUARY 2009~   ~FEBRUARY 2009~
Adrian Paul in leather
A new film role for Adrian has been announced!
Starring alongside Michael Madsen they will begin filming
of "Magic Boys" in Hungary soon.  

More info can be found at
New TV Interview with Adrian Paul
New Hungarian TV Interview is now up on VEOH thanks to
Victoria and the Hunlander group.  Adrian discusses his
career and Alexandra appears also.

Watch the video ...CLICK HERE

See our screencaps and translation HERE
Highlander Worldwide 9
HLWW9 is just over a month away. If you haven't gotten your tickets
you better get them soon. The stars scheduled to appear make it really
worth your while!!
Scheduled to appear: Adrian Paul, Elizabeth Gracen,Peter Wingfield,
Stan Kirsch, plus David Abramowitz, Valentine Pelka, Tracy Scoggins,
Lisa Howard, Marcus Testory, Donna Lettow, Gillian Horvath, F. Braun
McAsh, Don Paonessa (director), Brandon Jerwa(comic artist) and
James Horan,
<<<<CLICK HERE to get Registered
Another round of "The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake" will air
February 5th on Sci-Fi Channel and "Highlander: Endgame" will
show up on February 6th on FLIXe so check those local listings!
Adrian Paul FREE Calendar for February 2009
Our winning Calendar Contest for February was designed by Elise and
features some great "Duende" pics.  Romantic, just right for Valentines.

Get your FREE download HERE
~JANUARY 2009~  ~JANUARY 2009~   ~JANUARY 2009~
Adrian Paul in Switzerland Jan 2009
Be sure and catch Adrian on the ski slopes in Switzerland as he sends
a video Happy New Year and thank you to his fans!

Click HERE
Adrian Paul stars in Highlander: Endgame
Don't miss "Highlander: Endgame airing on The Movie Channel January 11th,
January 15th and January 20th.

Also, reports of "Nemesis GAme" airing on local ABC channels so check those

The "Wraiths of Roanoke" (formerly, "Lost Colony" also is airing on Sci-Fi Channel this
month. Be sure and tune in on January 18th!! (Check your local listings or

Careful, it's scheduled for 1pm (EST) so don't miss it!!
Adrian Paul Captain Drake
The "Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake" will be airing for the first time on the Sci-Fi
Channel, January 17th beginning at 9pm EST. (Please check local listings for times
in your area at

Adrian's newest adventure is set in 1592, full historical costume and looks amazing.

Adrian Paul January 2009 calendar
Adrian Paul FREE Calendar for January 2009 is ready!  Download your own FREE copy
and  use as your desktop. What a way to start the day!

Our newest Calendar Contest will be underway for February soon.
Ever wanted to put your graphic talents to work...or perhaps you just want to try creating
something. Well now is the time! Our Calendar Contest winners get fun prizes each month
so check back here in the next week or so for more info.

Sorry, open to Adrian's Angels members only....but it's easy to join!  Use the AA:Group link
at the left to find our Yahoo E-group site.
<<<<Click HERE to get your Calendar

If you find any unusable links please contact me. Thank you.

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