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Adrian Paul News Archive 2011
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)
Sorry.....there has been illness in the family, as well as a death, so this page took a backslide.
I've tried to get it as updated as I can. My apologies.

We have the news like no one else!!

~ DECEMBER 2011 ~ DECEMBER 2011  ~ DECEMBER 2011 ~
Adrian left a little video message on his Welcome page of the Adrian

 Take a look around, there are other videos  and lots of goodies!

Wow!! 419 years old today...December 21st.

Winter Solstice.

Duncan just gets better with age!

Leave your message of Holiday Greetings for Adrian!
He DOES read the messages, enjoys them and likes
knowing that his fans care.

Adrian, Alexandra and Little "A" (Angelisa) roamed the streets
of A few pics from our trip today to San Gimignano on the
way to Sienna.

More pics can be found on Adrian's Official Facebook pages.

The Peace Fund Auction starts December 3rd...
so get those $$ ready for some great stuff!!

It's all for a great cause!!  

A rural Bacau Romanian village, Vultureni, needs dental care
for its children. You can make a difference and help raise money
for this worthy casue.

Go visit the Peace Fund site for auction info!!

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund


Here is a brief list of interviews posted on

**Google Chrome has a good translating tool. I am not sure if all links work, sorry.

A little video taken while Adrian was in Russian. I can't seem to
view it well, but  you can understand him.

Adrian was also in Paris, Budapest and london on this trip.
Adrian visited Tula in November, about 2 hrs from Moscow,
 and was treated to some body-building secrets.

He was on a mission to promote fitness and health.

It's free! It's gorgeous and the perfect thing to put up on
your Desktop, or perhaps pin it up at work and share the
joy of Adrian Paul.

We hope you enjoy our monthly tributes.

<<<Click Here!
~ OCTOBER 2011 ~ OCTOBER 2011  ~ OCTOBER 2011 ~
Adrian will be appearing at "Armageddon Expo 2011" in Melbourne, Australia
Highlander fans out there. There is a new book series on the horizon, but for it to happen they need the Highlander fans behind them. Check out the following link for more information. It would be great to have a new series of Highlander adventures to read. The books will follow the TV series storyline which means more Duncan MacLeod :-)) Peace V
Is this your first time at Armageddon Auckland?
It is my first time in New Zealand
Oct 22 & @23 Melbourne, OZ
Oct 28 29 30 31 Auckland, NZ Armageddon

Once more we offer you a lovely FREE Adrian Paul Calendar.
THis month, our offering was created by Nan.

It's FREE to download, FREE to enjoy, FREE to print!!

Get yours NOW!!

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~ AUGUST 2011 ~ AUGUST 2011  ~ AUGUST 2011 ~
A new PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere) endeavor has
been announced.
Going to a event where you will meet celebrities?
Take a picture of them flashing the "PEACE" sign (be sure & get
release forms!!) and get those pics to The PEACE Fund.
Then other fans can download their favorite pic for a donation
to Adrian's charity.  PEACE has helped children worldwide,
so spread the word and grab those cameras!

<<<<<Click HERE for more info!

Adrian will be appearing at "Armageddon Expo 2011" in Melbourne, Australia
He will join other stars and guests from TV/Movies/Comics and more.
October 22 and 23rd are the dates to be there.

<<<For more info. Click HERE!
My sincere apologies for the lack of an August Adrian Calendar. Computer
crash & medical issues took their toll and I was unable to upload a lovely
calendar designed by Nan.

If you go quick, you can download her design..but hurry, the September
free calendar will be popping up soon!

<<<< Click HERE!
~ JULY 2011 ~ JULY 2011  ~ JULY 2011 ~
Adrian Paul Cafe Press
Be sure and check out the great Adrian Paul Official Merchandise on
Cafe Press. Lots of ideas from Mugs to Shirts. How can you not  smile
when you see that face?

<<<<<<Click HERE!  
July 22nd, Adrian conducted an Interview with . He answers
questions from the fans. Go watch, it's great!

Adrian Paul July Calendar
Be sure and race over to get your FREEEEEE Adrian Paul Calendar for
July. This month's design is by Elise.

Print them out, take to work, use as a Desktop, Screensave or even put on
your Mobile phone or IPad. Enjoy it!!

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~ JUNE 2011 ~ JUNE 2011  ~ JUNE 2011 ~
Adrian Paul ireport.CNN interview
Liz Taylor watched Highlander??????
Chris Morrow of  "Ireport.CNN"  (in a short interview filmed at
the 'Blood Out' movie premiere)  spoke with Adrian about meeting
his icons Charlton Heston & Elizabeth Taylor and of being an icon
himself with Highlander.
Adrian Paul earaly career pic
Check out the "Ask Adrian" section of his Official  Facebook page.
Many questions and always fun to see what Adrian has to say. Interesting

Click on Welcomein left column, then on Ask Adrian.

Adrian Paul June Calendar
The newest in our Monthly Calendars is ready for you!

A quick Download and you can have this lovely calendar
on your laptop, your desktop, print it out...just enjoy it
no matter where it's at.

If you are interested in submitting a Calendar for our
monthly issue, please contact Rileah by using the Email button
at bottom of this page. :)

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~ MAY 2011 ~ MAY 2011  ~ MAY 2011 ~
Adrian attends Reno Charity Poker Tournament on May
21st, 2011. (Pic copyright adrianpaulfacebook)

 More pics at Adrian's Official Facebook page

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Click Here

Adrian's birthday is May 29th and help us celebrate by taking
a look at the card. Then, be sure and leave your Birthday Wishes
for Adrian.

(Note; If you have a problem with entering info, use the
email link provided and I'll input your info myself.)

Adrian DOES read his cards so be sure and sign and say Happy Birthday!

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Adrian Paul Peace Auction
Adrian Paul Auction is Live!!!

Hurry over and bid for your chance to win this one-of-a-kind
Birthday Card....FROM ADRIAN!!!

Time is short, so hurry!!

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Adrian Paul
Adrian's Official Facebook page announced that Adrian would
be attending the Hollywood Stars Convention in Burbank  July 15-17th
at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center
(2500 North Hollywood Way Burbank, California 91505 )
For more information visit their web site at:

Your FREEEEEEEE Monthly Adrian Paul Calendar is up and ready
for you to enjoy!

Just our way of saying "Thank You" to all who visit Adrian's Angels
and help us spread the word about this fabulous man, actor and
humanitarian. :)

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~ APRIL 2011 ~ APRIL 2011  ~ APRIL 2011 ~
Adrian attended the premiere of the movie "Blood Out" in Hollywood
on April 25th.  Check out the little video on

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
April 20, 2011 The PEACE Fund Auction is now open and only lasts a
couple more hurry on over for some awesome items!!

Sorry, auction is now over. Thanks to all who helped The Peace Fund!!
The second season of Highlander in one box set that is FULL of great stuff!
Season 2 tells the story of Kronos, Silas, Caspian and Methos (therwise known
as the Four Horsemen) and their fight against a powerful and dangerous foe
holding several lifetimes of hatred for them.

The Horsemen first appeared in the television series of Highlande. Episodes
"Comes a Horseman" and "Revelations 6:8" brought the Horsemen to life and
in this new audio version the original actors - Valentine Pelka, Richard Ridings,
Marcus Testory and Peter Wingfield - were persuaded to return to their roles and
deliver a dark, sinister and bloody tale that explores the long and varied histories
of each Horseman
<<<<<<Click HERE to listen to the trailer and buy the set!
Your brand new April Adrian Paul Calendar is now ready.  This month
we used some old modeling photos of Adrian. He still looks this young!

FREE to Download, FREE to print, FREE to enjoy!

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~ MARCH 2011 ~ MARCH 2011  ~ MARCH 2011 ~
Adrian announced that The Peace Fund had made another donation.
This time it was to help out a children's day care in the small village of
Pode Turcului  in Romania through the RFF (Relief Fund for Romania).

Read all about it at:

picture copyright The Peace
Imagine......Alaska wilderness. Fun trip. But danger lurks when they are
suddenly on their own. One shot and  the "5" are being stalked.

Check out the 2 Interviews with writer/director Nigel Sarrag  as he chats about
scouting, collaboration, outdoor logistics and more as the making of "5"
gets underway!

Adrian has a new entry into the Baby Blog. This pic was from
2010 when Angelisa was smaller. Adrian "catching up" with
Billy Zane.

<<< Click HERE to read his newest entry about life with Angelisa.

Oscar Night!!
Adrian and Alexandra partied down when they attended the 21st
Annual Night of 100 Stars Awards Gala at Beverly Hills Hotel on
February 27, 2011  in Beverly Hills, California.

The PEACE Fund announces a new donation to COTA. (The Children's
Organ  Transplant Association) Meet Isaac and read his story
of their lifesaving efforts.

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
< <<<<<<Click HERE!

The March Adrian Paul Calendar is now ready for you...enjoy!
A misty Big Sur coastline and a gorgeous picture of Adrian
make this one a great Calendar to keep. Download for your own
personal use.

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The Auction is over, we had 50 great items and we made our goal and will have a great
donation for Adrian's "The PEACE Fund" as well as the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.
~FEBRUARY 2011 ~ FEBRUARY 2011  ~ FEBRUARY 2011 ~
The Annual Adrian's Angels Valentine's Day Auction is finally OPEN!!!!
It had been delayed but now you have a chance to get some great Adrian Paul stuff!!
Pictures, GUtter Girl stuff, Highlander related books, Peace Issues and so much more!

 Held every year to benefit Adrian Paul's PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid, Children,
 Everywhere) charity the  You will find auction items hand created and
fun for all Adrian Paul fans.  go NOW!!! Auction open Feb 26th-March 3rd.
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Get your FREE-FREE-FREE February 2011 Adrian Paul Calendar!

Wonderfully romantic, use as a Desktop, print it out, save to
your own computer, drool...I mean enjoy. lol

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~JANUARY 2011 ~ JANUARY 2011  ~ JANUARY 2011 ~
Adrian Paul the Heavy
"The Heavy" is now out on DVD here in the US, so start looking
for copies at local stores.

Adrian plays Christian Mason, brother of the lead. A small role,
but great talents in this film.
Co-stars: Vinnie Jones, Christopher Lee, Gary Stretch & Stephen Rea.

Adrian announces that the web site for his partnered production
company, Filmblips, is now open for us to enjoy and be entertained.

In the works are five (5) films: "Battleground Zero," "Basile's Legacy,"
"5," Bulletproof," and "Casanova: The Legend."

Twitter them at:
'Friend' them on Facebook at:

Be sure and check out the Web Site at:
For the first time, we are offering another Freebie!

Each year in our Holiday Cards, we include a mini-calendar
featuring Adrian Paul, of course.  This year we decided to
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Created by the talented Elise, once again we offer this free download.
We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for a new Calendar each month!

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