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Adrian Paul News Archive 2007

(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)
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Adrian Paul News Archive 2007
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We have the news like no one else!!

December 2007
Highlander the Source
Adrian Paul out on DVD February 26th, 2008Be sure and reserve your copy
of Highlander: The Source....
out on video February 26th!!
All of us at Adrian's Angels want to wish all of you a very happy Holiday season. May it be safe, prosperous and filled with peace and joy.

If you haven't signed the Holiday Card for Adrian,
hurry on over and do it now!

Captain Drake
Starring Adrian Paul and Daniel KashMore new pics from Captain Drake can be found at APnet.

Pic courtesy IMDB/SS
Get your FREE December calendar now!!

The winning design is by India this month.

Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy it.

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full-size version.
November 2007

It's that time of year once again!! Adrian's Angels is sponsoring a page for ALL FANS, around the World to send Adrian their own Holiday Wishes.
This year we call our card "Waling in an Adrian Wonderland" and if you're a fan, it's all a wonderland anyway, right?

Please join us  and sign the Guest Book and tell Adrian your thoughts for him to have a wonderful, special Holiday season.

Courtesy IMDB Sophia Perna
Courtesy: IMDB Sophia Perna & SS
New pic of Adrian in Captain Drake!!

Don't forget, we try to put up a photo page for each of Adrian's recent movies.

You can find those pages by checking out the Adrian Paul Filmography Page and click on the special AA photo page links. Some new ones from Captain Drake are up now too!

Adrian Paul Ebay auction Adrian's E-bay auction starts Wednesday, November 21st-25th with lots of personal stuff up for bid! Here is your chance to get some fun memorabilia.

Bidding opens at 7am PST on 11/ get those $$ ready!
Adrian Paul dancesYummy!

Stephy has done it again and we're spreading the word. Check out the YouTube video she put together.  Adrian's awesome. :>)

<<Click here!
Adrian Paul stars in Nine Miles DownAccording to reports, filming is set to begin on November 19th in Budapest and Adrian begins filming December 10th.

Keeping our fingers crossed!
This project has been shelved for a while, and we hope that it comes to fruition this time.  The official site is low oin info, but you can get a good synopsis.

Dreamsongs with excerpts read by Adrian PaulFinally available!! You can order the "DreamSongs" books online at various sellers.. Amazon, etc.

But, we have loaded a clip of Adrian reading one of  the excepts especially for you!

Check out Adrian's TV, Commercial page where we have a new AUDIO section!
October 2007
ALOHA !!  

Just announced!!!  It's been 4 long years since Adrian's Angels held a "Gathering of Friends."  


If you missed the 1st is your chance to meet other fans and spend a fun weekend adoring Adrian and sightseeing in the Land of Enchantment..Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Sorry, Adrian not attending, but he sure is invited!! *BEG*

Click pic for all the info
If you missed your chance to participate in past Adrian's Angels sponsored web page cards to Adrian...keep watching this page!!
Our next effort, the 2007 Adrian Paul Holiday Project, has been underway behind-the-scenes for several months now and will be going public next month.   As always, it will be open to all fans and we hope to see all those who have helped in the past as well as the newbies. Adrian DOES check out our cards, so we know you will want to be part of the fun this year too!

To view past projects, CLICK HERE!
Adrian Paul stars in Nine Miles DownAs originally reported in March 2007, word is that "Nine Miles Down" is once again a "GO!"

Set in Australia, but set to film soon in Hungary, it looks like Nick Nolte might have bowed out!   Anthony Waller's (director) credits include "Mute Witness" and "American Werewolf in Paris."

For more info, check out the official page at:

Get your FREE November Calendar!!!

The winner this month was Linda A...and it's gorgeous!

Download your full-size copy

Adrian Paul News Archive 2007New "Ask Adrian"  questions & answers have just been posted on the official Adrian Paul site.
Check out our list of HLWW8 pics by the fans!! More coming soon.

<<<< Click here!!

Courtesy Gail K

Adrian Paul in Eyeborgs
The movie trailer for "Eyeborgs" is now up on's really exciting and looks like a very good movie!! Check it out!
<<<< Click here!

 Also, check out our AA  EYEBORGS page with pics from the firector, Richard Clabaugh, and screencaps from the trailer.
Check out the video so kindly found,  put online  and shared by Stephy.

Worth a look!

All photos copyright: Bulfoto
Adrian Paul as Captain Drake"Captain Drake," filming in Bulgaria, will be a tale of desperate quests by Sir Francis Drake (called the Queen's Pirate) to discover foreign lands in 1592. Having just ended a battle with the Spanish Armada, Drake sets off to the West Indies.

Photo courtesy of:

Captain Drake links kindly provided by Sheryl S
Adrian has confirmed his appearance at the Romantic Times

April 16-20, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA  is where aspiring writers, published authors, readers and booksellers will convene. Adrian is considered one of the Top !0 Cover Models (where are those books!!!!!!) and will be in attendance along with other hot cover models at the Saturday night (April 19) Cover Model Reunion Dinnner

Moonlight Rising CancelledJoining other SciFi illuminaries such as: Nigel Bennett, Armin Shimerman, Elizabeth Rohm, )Jewel Staite,  Tony Todd, Michael Bailey Smith and many other SciFi favs ...Adrian will be in fine company!  Con isn't until July 18th-20th, 2008 in Bushkill, PA  so there is plenty of time to save up those pennies for this
"not to miss" event!

For more info check out their web page for all the info:

Another new movie role for Adrian!!

Rushing off from his live appearance at the
 HLWW8 Convention in Vancouver, BC...Adrian
headed to Bulgaria to begin filming a movie about
Sir Francis Drake.

Drake was an Elizabethan sailor
and navigator, and the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

 We'll have more info soon!
We did it again!!

Your gracious donations helped us meet our goal of 50 Huggy Bears. We're off to deliver them to the police department next week. Your help is so appreciated!!

Huggy Bears

Some of the Angels at the HLWW8 Convention,
October 5-8 in Vancouver, BC

Front row, from left: Gail, Matt, Nora, Carmen
Back Row, from left: Jubie, Karen, Elaine, Randi (Matt's roomie)

Pic courtesy of our "Honorary Angel" Matthew MacLeod who has a ton more, plus a report to share.

Check out our Conventions Page for links to many
reports and pics taken at the Con.

A couple of great interviews with "Wraiths of Roanoke" writer/producer Rafael Jordan.

Don't forget to watch "Wraiths of Roanoke" on Ootober 13th and 18th on theSciFi Channel.!!
September 2007
Free Adrian Paul Calendar
Be sure and get your
 FREE  October Calendar!!

Each month we hold a contest among our talented members, and the winners all get a fun prize!   

Dr. B was the winner this month!!

To get your FREE full-sized calendar head to our Contest Page.
Adrian Paul PEACE
Crazy Tie Day October 19 2007Crazy Tie Day!!

Last year's effort was such a success, that Adrian's PEACE Fund is doing it again.

October 19th is approaching fast, so get busy!!

Get the office involved, help
raise funds for PEACE. Dig
out or create the craziest ties....take pics!!..and have
fun for a good cause.

<<<For all the details  click here

CANCELLED!!! Due to other engagements, Adrian will NOT be attending!

Adrian has announced that he will be in attendance, along with Tracy Scoggins.

This is one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" if you are nearby, better make plans to go! Click on the pic at left to get info!

Huggy Bears Yay!! 32 Bears.....will you help us get to 50?
Adrian's Angels is  asking for your help once again in supporting our Huggy Bears campaign.  Following our hearts and trying to make a difference, we want to promote Adrian's philosophies and PEACE.

Huggy Bears was designed to provide stuffed bears as a comfort to children in need. Sometimes when you donate never know where the money actually goes. Take a look at the pics from our last campaign where we donated 50 Huggy Bears to the very poor and tiny Isleta Indian Police Department, Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico.

We watched grown men shed tears when the bears were delivered,
and in shock that anyone cared. WE do care...and hope you will too!

Our Goal is 50 more Huggy Bears......can you help?? CLICK HERE
The Heavy starring Adrian PaulThere's a new trailer for "The Heavy" up on YouTube, so go take a look. Looks good and great cast!
<< Click here

Adrian Paul in The Heavy

The cover won't matter when you watch
 "Highlander: The Source" on SciFi in September!
Effective September 1st, 2007 we are saddened to announce that Celebrity Merchandise is no longer associated with Adrian.

"We've appreciated having Mr Paul as a wonderful client for many years and wish him much success and happiness in his future. Thank you to all the loyal Fans that have participated in his Fan Club for so many years with us.   Sincerely"

Adrian Paul PEACE logo
We have no idea what this will mean for fans attempting to buy old PEACE issues or other merchandise, but you can always check out  PEACE for some cool stuff including: T-shirts, bags, candles and more.

Check your local listings....September 15th... the SciFI Channel
to see the premiere of
"Highlander: The Source."
Adrian Paul in Highlander The Source
(pic courtesy of the SciFi Channel)
September Calendar designed by DonnieBe sure and get your FREE   September Calendar!!

Each month we hold a contest among our talented members, and the winners all get a fun prize!   
Donnie was the winner this month!!

To get your FREE full-sized calendar head to our Contest Page.
HLWW BUZZ Issue #23Finally!!! We got another fantastic "BUZZ" issue from Highlander Worldwide.  Issue # 23 is up & ready!!

Articles by: Judes, MacGeorge, Lynda Dennis, Pat Talley (who entertains with her story of seeing Adrian on stage in "Things Just Change,") Tam Smith, Nancye Elliot, Debra Ogier. and Carmel Macpherson. AND......we get pics of Adrian on stage!!!!

This is a wonderful way to pass some time!!!

(cover: courtesy HLWW)
August 2007

Adrian Paul in Wraiths of Roanoke
SciFi Channel will also be airing "The Wraiths of Roanoke"
(aka: The Lost Colony)
in mid-October.

Stay "tuned" here for more info!!

Our E-mails for more info about
"The Source" may result in an interview w/Adrian.

You can also send them a note and tell them you want more Adrian & and interview!!  

Send e-mails to:

You can click on the pic and head to SciFi  to see scheduling.

(thanks SS for  the info)
October 5-7, 2007
The Final Line-Up for HLWW8 in Vancouver, BC has been announced by Highlander Worldwide.
There might be tickets still available!!

*Adrian Paul
*Peter Wingfield
*Elizabeth Gracen
*JIm Byrnes
*David Abramowitz
*Ken Gord
*F. Braun McAsh
*Gillian Horvath
*Donna Lettow
*Brandon Jerwa
*Lee Moder
This ought to be a great Con and here is your chance to see them!

Any AA's who want to get their especially designed HLWW8 T-shirt
(or other goodies!) here is the place!
Angelic Desires  Fun and unique gifts Celtic, Angels and more!

Whoopeeee!!! Finally, Adrian on TV once again and back home
to the SciFi Channel.  

The long awaited "Highlander: The Source" is scheduled
to air Sept 15th and 20th.
(Check your local listings or to find it in your area.)

Adrian Paul in Highlander the Source
Thanks to Sheryl for the heads up t the AA list
Our FREE August Calendar is now available for your pleasure.
What a way to cool off on a "hot" day!! Whew!

To get your FREE Calendar, click on the pic to go to our
Contest page

We have always said we'd listen to Adrian read the phone book......
but  this is much better!!

A book by George R. R. Martin, will be turned into
an audio version and is to be narrated by Adrian.

Volume I (there will be 3) is due out 10/30/07 according to

Adrian Paul narrates Dreamsongs

For more info be sure and check out Adrian's Official site for
all the details.
July 2007
Crazy Tie Day

Gear up for the 2nd annual Crazy Tie Day, a fundraising event for PEACE.  Set for October 19th, there is plenty of time to get ready and get involved.
October get busy now!!!

For more info....check out the info page at
Get your very own, very FREE....FREE....FREE copy of "Tides of War"...or whatever they call it these days. (lol)

(courtesy HERE! tv)

If you missed it on HERE! TV, then now is your one and only chance to get it for FREE!  Just fill in the blanks and they'll ship you a copy.
For your enjoyment, please visit our AA special film
page for "Tides of War."

Adrian as "Gunner" and Megan Blake (Barbara Hawkins)
Thanks to Richard Clabaugh, Director of "Eyeborgs" for sharing this new picture of Adrian during filming.

"The filming went well and Adrian was, as always, a joy to work with. He did a fantastic job and I really hope this film will be as great as we all hope it will be. Certainly Adrian and all of us worked hard to make his character real, believable, sympathetic, proactive and dynamic. Adrian is a consummate professional and very detail oriented. His desire, shared by us all, to make this an exceptional story, was well appreciated.

The story is meant to work on several levels. On the surface it's a basic SciFi action film dealing with killer robots. (We liken it to "The Terminator" meets "24"). Of course, no one does action like Adrian Paul! His action scenes (and there are many) are amazing.

The film has some "horror film" elements we hope will help sell the movie, but it's also a serious drama with a story we hope will surprise people. Adrian plays a complex character who has to undergo some changes in what he believes is right during the course of events. He has some great and heartfelt scenes as a performer and carries them off amazingly."

~R Clabaugh~

May/June 2007
Another new movie role for Adrian!!

Created by Cha
Adrian takes on another Sci-Fi genre film set in the near future  

Eyeborgs , surveillance robots, go out of control and take over the country.  A Homeland Security agent, a TV reporter, and the
President's punk rocker nephew join together to try and stop the Eyeborgs.

 Adrian plays R. J. 'Gunner' Reynolds.  Also starring: Luke Eberl,
Megan Blake, John S. Rushton and directed by Richard Clabaugh
(who also directed "Little Chicago)  and filming in the Winston-Salem,
North Carolina area.

Being produced by: Crimson Wolf Productions

You can catch a "teaser" trailer at
highlander the source cdHighlander: The Source
(Protect the Faith) to be released to iTunes
(and other music sites) this coming Fall according to a new review
Get your full-size July Adrian Calendar designed
by Elise!!

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Get your FREE
June calendar!

<<Click Here!!
Adrian has looked through the Birthday Project and passed on his reaction.

(BIG THANKS to Carmel for passing along the links and the message.)

"Please tell them I read ALL the messages and I am so surprised at the amount of messages and well wishes especially from so many different parts of the world.
Thank you to everyone.

My favorite quote:  "Life starts the minute we see the sunrise and ends when we cease to enjoy it."

Peace, Adrian   

To change his life..all he had to do was sacrifice it. announces that Adrian will be taking a role in a new thriller produced by Parkland Pictures filming in the UK.

For synopses info  <<click here!

According to
and Parkland Pictures,
"The Heavy"
 will also star these fine actors.

Photos courtesy of: WireImage & IMDB

will be screening
"Lost Colony" at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The Festival runs
from May 16-26th.  

"The Last Sin Eater" starring Peter Wingfield is screening on May 16th.

Pics as we get them!
"SEANCE" continues to rack up the awards and recognition!! So far this year, one of Adrian's newest films (yet to be released to the public) has been recognized in the following categories:

Official Selection, Best Screenplay & Best Visual Effects at the 2007 Indy Horror Film Festival
Best Picture Winner at the ShockerFest 2007 International Festival
Eureka Springs 2007 Digital Film Festival  Winner as Best Dramatic Feature
Finalist at the 2007 Horror Fest (UK)

3rd Annual Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago
April 27, 28, 29th

Adrian was in attendance on Day 2 at the Caribbean Festival which also featured such big name stars as: Elton John, Diana Ross, Mary J Blige, LL Cool J. Al Green & Earth, Wind & Fire to name a few.
Please visit for almost 300 Adrian pics
as he makes appearances.
Angels Racing for Life!!

Support some of our Angels, Carole Parker and Lucy McGill, who participating in the Milton Keynes Race for Life on June 2, 2007 which is raising money for Cancer Research in the United Kingdom.

Please take a moment to sponsor them as they run in honor of those we've lost. You may donate or sponsor them here.

APRIL 2007
The Adrian Paul Fanzone has a new logo! Be sure and check out Fanzone for new Adrian fun. Congrats to Corky Lynch!
"To My Angels" Adrian writes on our group pic. Read the reports, see the pics from Grand Slam XV Convention!

<<<<Click here!
May 29th is approaching fast....that's Adrian's Birthday in case you did not know. :>)

So once again, "Adrian's Angels" is
sponsoring an online Birthday event....
and we want YOU to join us!
This is for fans around the world.

 No matter where you are, you too can join in!

Help us create the first World Fan Map and show Adrian where
all of his fans really are when not at conventions! (lol)

Peace.....Adrian's Angels   (click on pic at left)
March 2007
Bill Panzer, Producer of Highlander,  passes away!

March 18, 2007
We are saddened to learn that such a wonderful
man has ceased to walk this Earth.
 Adrian's Angels extends their condolences and
sympathies to Mr Panzer's family.
To read The HLWW tribute to here

To read Adrian's thoughtful words for his here

According to Seven Arts Pictures' web site, the delayed production of "Nine Miles Down"  is once again a "GO"!

Now, in addition to Adrian,
the cast includes Academy
Award winner (2 times) Nick Nolte, and Australian actress Melissa George.

For more info on these two actors, we found MovieFone had great pics and Bios.

Pics courtesy of MovieFone (Getty Images)

Who would intentionally hurt them???
 Click here to sign the petition!!
Read about it, see it and do something about it!
Stop the dolphin and whale killings
in Taiji, Japan!!

 "There are some causes that transcend individual differences and I believe that this is one of them. Every one of us has a duty to do what we can to help pass on a thriving, healthy, 'peaceful' planet. Go to the following link and do what you can to help stop this terrible killing of whales and dolphins." Adrian Paul

Watch the video, if you dare (warning, it's very violent!!) and then go sign the petition to help.

There is a renegade Highlander: The Source DVD making the rounds of, but according to Panzer/Davis, this is NOT the final cut. Please read the memo from them on our HL:Source page!
(click here)

Check out the awesome pics on WIreImage of Adrian attending the "Moods of Norway Launch of Grandpa's Disco Wear," hosted by
OK! Magazine on February 28th.
You can check out some new pics from "The Lost Colony," due to air on the SciFi Channel later this year, at Infinity's End Production site.
<<Click here!
Be a PEACE Fund "Shop For A Cause Day" Volunteer by selling Macy's "Shop For A Cause Day" tickets for $5.00, which entitles the person to take $10.00 off a single $20 purchase and a shopping pass for March 17th.

Please e-mail the event information to everyone you know....friends, family, co-workers, etc.
Check out the official web site for more info
on how you can help.
Adrian talks about Alexandra's (longtime girlfriend) efforts to renovate an apartment on a decorating TV show in the recent Hungarian article
in Epizód magazine.
Our March
Calendar winner has been found!
Linda A created this

drool-worthy entry.

Get your own full-size version by clicking on the pic above to head to our Contest Page.
February 2007
The Auction was a HUGE success!

Thank you to all who bid..congrats to those who won and bless you  to the many who supported us in this endeavor. We'll be sending a check to PEACE in the near future!!

You've sponsored 31 bears to date (Feb 18) and only 19 more to go to hit the 50 mark.

Please help us help children in their time of need.
Huggy Bears
Support PEACE and Adrian Paul
Adrian, Ewan MacGregor, Charley Boorman and other musicians around the world have just announced they'll be supporting and taking part in..."BIG IDEA, small world."

A massive project, never before attempted will have these five young guys (Soundview Avenue) from Scotland "gigging" around the World beginning April 23rd. (Tour dates avilable on their web site.)

"The experience, raising the profile of Scottish music, raising funds for Charity…The Rainbow Trust, Peace, and the Scottish International Relief also a musical crusade, at each special charity children's site that we will visit in the UK, Europe, Romania, Russia etc we will not only play for the children but will educate them and give them the chance to try out various musical instruments and then the music company Fender will leave musical instruments at the sites so the children can continue their exciting trip into the world of music!"

The tour will be filmed for a documentary. For more details check out their web site at:
The NEW Adrian Paul Web Site is open!!
"This site will be the most comprehensive site there has ever been on my career."
 ~Adrian Paul~

The new, improved Official Adrian Paul web site is now up and ready to share with the fans! Be sure and check it out....videos, interviews and lots to keep you busy!
Just announced !!!

"To our faithful fans.

Any version of Highlander: The Source that is currently available is not the final producer's version of the film. Peter Davis and Bill Panzer of Davis/Panzer Productions, the producers, in conjunction with Lionsgate Entertainment, are presently editing and remixing the film. This final cut will be delivered to Lionsgate on or about March 15, 2007.

Lionsgate will be releasing the film in September, 2007."

Peter Davis

Davis-Panzer Productions
HLWW just announced another one of their delicious videos
is being released.

The second DVD from HLWW6, held in Sydney, May 2005.

"Actors & Alchemy"
 The DVD covers the Saturday morning session of the convention.
(click here)


Here's what you need to know to be a The PEACE Fund's "Shop For A Cause Day" Volunteer:
Sell Macy's Shop For A Cause Day Tickets for $5.00, which entitles the person to take $10.00 off a single $20 purchase and a 15%/20% shopping pass for March 17th.

The PEACE Fund also needs volunteers to spread the word Shop For A Cause Fundraiser!

Please e-mail the event information to everyone you know....friends, family, co-workers, etc.
Check out the official web site for more info
on how you can help.
More than just a pretty face..
 Adrian's Peace Fund continues to

Mon Feb 12, 2007

The PEACE Fund and The Relief Fund for Romania

Adrian was able to see the situation first hand while filming Highlander:EndGame in 1999 and never forgot what he experienced. He has been waiting until the time arrived when he was able to help and try to  make a difference in the lives of at least a few of these children. That time has now arrived.

It's been estimated that there are over 6,000 children are living on the streets; that every 5th Romanian child is exploited: some 900,000 of the approximately 5 million children of Romania are forced to work.

Please visit Adrian's The Peace Fund web site for more info on how you too can help!
(Feb 18th, 2007)
The Adrian's Angels 1st online Auction is now closed. Links have been removed. Thank you!!

February 11-17th, 2007

Please help us support the children!
Find out how YOU can help!
Huggy Bears
Support PEACE and Adrian Paul
The 2006 Adrian Project was a blazing success!

Check back here for more info on the upcoming 2007 event we have planned!

The pics from Russia keep trickling in...
January 2007
Be sure and get your
January calendar!!

Each month we hold a contest among our talented members, and the winners all get a
fun prize!

To get your FREE full-sized calendar head to our Contest Page.
Adrian's  Angels announces that they will be holding
their first support Auction, February 11 -17th, the week of Valentine's Day.

Lots of AA/HL/AP goodies will be up for bid in all
price ranges.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated
to the PEACE Fund.

Don't forget to visit Divine Designs....the ultimate in fun gifts! Find new and unique
Celtic items at great prices.

<<Click here!!

PASADENA, CA. January 12, 2007 - SCI FI's Saturday night movies get an extra shot of adrenaline in January 2007 when the Channel launches SCI FI Saturday: The Most Dangerous Night of Television, an entertaining new branding campaign. The Most Dangerous Night of Television enlivens SCI FI's popular 9pm Saturday movies with an amusing take on the wild action and intensity that has become a staple of the Channel's date night thrillers.

The Lost Colony
will premiere in 2007

As posted on Rotten Tomatoes.. the eagerly awaited "Highlander" Anime movie is due to be released in May, 2007

In revenge, patience is a virtue.
And after a few thousand years,
Colin MacLeod doesn't give a damn about virtue...

(click here  to read the article)

Special thanks to contributors and others who wish to remain anonymous,
but deserve the praise anyway!  SS..I could NOT do this without you!

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