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Adrian Paul News Archive 2004
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

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Adrian Paul News Archive 2004
We have the news like no one else!!

December 2004  

Adrian appeared in a video chat in France on December 10th. Many fans were able to watch
and some even translated and took pics. Adrian was in France to help celebrate the release of Season One of Highlander on DVD in France.

Adrian Paul News Archive 2004

He also appeared on a French television show "C'est pas trop tôt" on December 9th.

Mymy at the
(French Highlander) created a video clip of AP from the French chat....

Go to Le Live du Vendredi and click on 10/12/2004(the first one )then in the new
opened image click on the last thing, # 12
and you should see a clip with AP in it and
he will be speaking French.
The Fun Radio Chat translation,
courtesy of Wain, is available here!

French intro to Season One HL DVD

 Adrian also gave an interview about the release of Season One of Highlander on DVD in France at the Hotel Carillon in Paris on December 10th to (DVDDrama)

(taken in Paris, unknown photographer)

November 2004  

Adrian just returned from Hawaii where he took part in a $3 million dollar (made-for-ppv) movie titled "Tides of War." His role is Frank Habley.

Nov 25, 2004.................Wayne Harada, writer for the Honolulu Advertiser writes "And that was actor Adrian Paul, here for "Tides of War" filming (and previously on "Highlander"), working out at the Punahou spa with Gaylord Rieta (the singer-sensei) and his brother, Vernon Rieta (the martial-arts Hollywood stuntman). Vernon hosted Paul while he was here; they had collaborated on some "Highlander" projects (when Vernon taught Paul the use of sabers). ...

Adrian reportedly was in Hawaii from 10/18-11/06 and here is where you can find the articles bout filming.
Christina Simpkins photo

For more info on the movie, check out the Filmography page!
November 24, 2004

"Moscow Heat" premiered in Moscow, Russia.

Michael York and Nevsky attended with their wives.

Adrian was still in Hawaii so did not attend. From reports it seems that Adrian's part is about 10-15 minutes in the movie and the fans seemed to like it. Talk is that the movie will premiere in the United States around February 2005.

Photo: Tass Photos

More info about Moscow Heat on our Filmography Page!
"No Way Up" Premiere!  

"No Way Up" (formerly titled E5) was premiered in New York City at the UA Regal Cinema. On November 30th, a special one night -only screening was held at the International House in Philadelphia, PA. The film was produced and directed by Temple University Alumnus and Philadelphia native James Seale, and stars: Grayson McCouch (As The World Turns, Armageddon) Adrian Paul (Highlander) and Amy Locane (Secretary, Cry Baby).  

October 2004

Adrian was recently seen in Hungary and
photos appeared in various magazines
and newspapers with Alexandra Donelli,
his companion of several years.

Translations are available, but until I see it in
English I am loath to print anything here.

Adrian also headed to Honalulu to begin filming
"Tides of War" on October 18th.
For more info check the Filmography Page!
September 2004

Museum of Television
Radio Cocktail Party
September 9, 2004
Photograph taken during the entry line.
Photograph taken by, © Vaughn Youtz/ZUMA/Corbis

Adrian also appeared at the Temecula Film Festival on September 12, 2004. No pics that we are aware of. This is from 2003.

June 2004

Sadly, Adrian made the announcement that the APFC (Adrian Paul Fan Club) which just celebrated it's 10th year will no longer publish the quarterly newsletter/magazine.

A huge disappointment to many, but there is hope. The issue will now be available online only for
Fan Club members.

For the latest info, please go to the official Adrian Paul web site.
(Click Here)
June 2004

2nd WUSA Soccer Festival Celebrity Kick Off
June 27, 2004
Photo from:
Photo taken by: Fredrick M. Brown
June 2004

(picture courtesy of: Highlander-The Official)

TEAM HIGHLANDER placed 14th in its class (GT) and 34th overall at the Rolex 24 at Daytona on Feb. 1st!  With 15 hours of rain to torment the drivers this was an incredible feat, to even finish!
Adrian signed autographs and posed for pictures with tons fans at the
Daytona, FL event and handed over keys to the1964 T-bird that was in the series to the winner of the contest.

For incredible pics and info, head to
The Highlander-Official Store and
check it out. Also Team Highlander racing merchandise is available.

June 2004

The winners of the 1964 T-bird put it up for sale. Only $50,000!

February 2004

HLDU Walkabout Workshop  
Los Angeles, Feb 28-29, 2004

Adrian performs a double sword Kata that takes your breath away and  Peter Wingfield, Liz Gracen, David Abramowitz sing and more!

For more info or to order:
February 2004

Adrian joined  the fun at the Highlander Down Under "Walkabout" Workshop

February 28-29, 2004
Los Angeles, CA.  For pics and reports check out the:

February 13, 2004
Adrian was photographed at the
Michael Jordan Comedy Court All Stars Event
Photo from:
Photo taken by: Doug Benc
Special thanks to contributors: Linda A, Sheryl, Gail, Olga, Ellina, Karen, Marjon, Wain, John and others who wish
to remain anonymous, but deserve the praise anyway!
There's also a great article in Feb, 2004 Ugo online mag with
Adrian Paul about Season 3 DVDs

Update on Adrian's Peace fund

The Adrian Paul Peace Fund has decided that instead of trying to manage the fund on their own, the following charities have been selected by PEACE for donations of their funds.  Please feel free to donate to any of these charities….or any other that is close to your heart.



**For more info on the Peace Fund and their decision to disband,
Special thanks to Christopher for some error corrections!

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