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Adrian Paul News Archive 2010
(Note due to the age of these reports, not all links may still be up and available.
We apologise, but cannot make other sites keep their links current.)

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We have the news like no one else!!

~DECEMBER 2010 ~ DECEMBER 2010  ~ DECEMBER 2010 ~
How precious is this? Adrian Paul once again sends his Holiday
Greetings to the fans far and wide.

This year, Angelisa is joining and and has a special wish of her
own. Too cute.

Please enjoy the video!

<<<<<<<<<Click HERE!

The Annual Adrian Paul Holiday Project is up and running so please
won't you take  a moment and join other fans around the World and
go sign the card to send  your Holiday Greetings to Adrian!
(Please only sign once, thanks.)

We hope you enjoy this yearly event , it is open to ALL fans.
Then, see you in May for Adrian's Birthday! :)

The final Calendar for 2010 is finally here!

Who knows what Adrian would wish for while sitting on Santa's lap,
but whatever it is, we sincerely hope he gets it.  Meanwhile, enjoy
the image.  Your FREE download awaits.

<<<<Click HERE!
~NOVEMBER 2010 ~ NOVEMBER 2010  ~ NOVEMBER 2010 ~
Adrian will be appearing at the Collectormania London Con on
November 27th.

Update: Catch a couple of cool videos from the Con by Leicester on YouTube. Adrian talks of Highlander and his
Peace Fund projects.

We apologise that we were unable to announce any info here regarding
the recent HLWW/Peace Auction on E-bay. Web administrator was
experiencing technical difficulties. Our sincere apologies.
The new cover art for "Basile's Legacy" was posted by Adrian,
and it's GORGEOUS!

To see the full-size version, check out his TwitPic
(You do have to have a Twitter acct to view pic)

The year is nearly over and by bow you've seen 10 months of great, Great, GREAT
Adrian Paul Calendars. SO, it's time for the 11th one.

Linda A designed this one for you to enjoy, Download it for your personal use,
use as a desktop, print it out...just enjoy it most of all.

<<<<Click Here
~OCTOBER 2010 ~ OCTOBER 2010  ~ OCTOBER 2010 ~
Adrian has been busy traveling around the globe looking for
filming locations for several projects. He was just back in LA
for a few days, then on the road again. Whew!

Be sure and check out his Twitter page. You can find our version
on the front page of Adrian's Angels. Bottom right corner. Always
be informed!

Click Here
Be sure and find your way to a howling fun Calendar for October 2010.
Adrian Paul as a jailee, Dracula, Cook, Doctor and Pirate....Boooo!

Print it out, use as your Desktop...or just enjoy here. Oh yeah, it's FREE!!!

<<<<Click HERE!

There is a new lady in Adrian's life and she's starting on her way
to her first steps!! Be sure and check out Adrian's Baby Blog update.

Be sure and head over to listen to Adrian narrating a portion
of this beautiful movie! "Bali: Sacred & Secret" looks to be
a very special movie.

It's been almost five (5) years since the first season was issued, but finally,
 we are about to get the real "War of the Worlds" that we have been
waiting for on DVD.

Due out October 26, 2010 the second Season is the only one that
features Adrian Paul as John Kincaid.

For a great insight into the show, read the Wikipedia version. Lots
of great info.  Wikipedia
Bali: sacred and Secret w/ voice overs by Adrian Paul
Inspired by Gill Marais’book "Bali – Sacred & Secret," a film that delves into the
spiritual heritage and celestial cycle of life of Bali. Adrian Paul  does some
voice-overs in this feature length documentary on Bali.  Malaysia’s
Julian Shori and Switzerland’s Basil Gelpke (A Crude Awakening) join together
to show the secret world of the Balinese who believe that ultimate power
resides in the unseen realms of the spirit world.  The film traces the cycle of a
year on Bali, through the ceremonies marking the soul from birth until death,
only to be reborn once again

Read more at the Official site:  Bali: Sacred & Secret

Highlander with a strong Tuscan accent? Can it be true?
Read the article and see the pic. Adrian looks good in those
shorts! Adrian and family travel the country looking for
great location sights for "Basile's Legacy."

(Hint: copy & paste the words into a translation page like

thx to
There is a new posting in little Angelisa's baby blog.
Check it out at Adrian   
The new, gorgeous and totally FREE September 2010 Calendar is waiting
for you. You can download it for your personal use...use as a background
or desktop. Print it out and enjoy it at work....the possibilities are endless.
Above all...just enjoy!

<<<<Click HERE
~AUGUST 2010 ~ AUGUST 2010  ~ AUGUST 2010 ~
Adrian's Official Facebook page was just updated and Adrian posts
that he is heading to Budapest on August 30th to record voice over
for a Bali documentary "Sacred and Secret".

Details soon on and here on Adrian's Angels. :)

Adrian Paul and Alexandra Tonelli in Italy August 2010
Adrian is in Italy working on "Basile's Legacy" and scouting locations.
He took some pics for locations in Sardinia, Italy. Find them on his
Official Facebook page.  Next stop is Tuscany.   Click HERE!

He also took the time for a quick interview.
You can see it on YouTube.....Click HERE!

It is in Italian, so if you want the translation, head to Adrian's Offical
Facebook page for that....... Click Here!

Some video from Comic Con in Paris, France has shown up on
YouTube. In fact, there are four (4) videos.  Very nice! Thanks to
Be sure and watch them all.

       Click Here!  
Adrian Paul in War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds, that classic TV show, based loosely on the 1952
movie of the same name. The movie won an Academy Award for
special effects.  Adrian only appears in Season Two of this show.  
The 2005 remake with Tom Cruise drifted far from the original book
by H.G. Wells.
According to TV Shows on the DVDs will be released
10-26-10. You can pre-order at
Basile's Legacy manip by RIleah
"No adult is safe..."   So goes the premise of a new project for Adrian.
"Battleground Zero"  is in production under the umbrella of Adrian's
production Company, 'Filmblips.'  

This will be the 2nd movie by the company which is also producing
(Note-we've see it listed as Bazile's Legacy too, but this spelling is on,
so we are goiong with it)

Read more at Adrian
Adrian Paul Free Calendar for August 2010
Your FREE August 2010 Adrian Paul Calendar is now
ready. Each month you will find a new one.

Great for your desktop, print it out and be sure and
let others know it's FREE.
~JULY 2010 ~ JULY 2010  ~ JULY 2010 ~
Adrian Paul and Daid Abramowitz
Comic Con 2009
At the Paris Comic Con Adrian revealed that he and David
Abramowitz were working on a project , "Bazil's Legacy."
It will be Adrian's film directing debut so it ought to be
great since we know he can direct..just check out Highlander
episode "Homeland" (among others) to see how he works.

See the little video clip from Comic Con  click on pic below!!

(pic at left taken at Comic Con 2009, video pic taken by V. Speechley)
At last! At last!!  We got to see this new Adrian Paul movie
at HLWW9 in Los Angeles and waiting patiently until it could
be shared with one and all!

If you are a SciFi lover, an Adrian Paul lover..or just like great
action films, GO GET THIS MOVIEI!!!

Official Release...July 6, 2010  Get it HERE from

The newest in our Monthly Calendars is ready for you!

A quick Download and you can have this lovely calendar
on your laptop, your desktop, print it out...just enjoy it
no matter where it's at.

If you are interested in submitting a Calendar for our
monthly issue, please contact Rileah by using the Email button
at bottom of this page. :)
Lots of pics and stories coming in about the recent
Comic Con in Paris. Check out Adrian's official
Facebook page for some videos and pictures.

AA also has a Convention Section, so why not stop by
and take a look at past Cons....from way back when!

(pic courtesy V. Speechley)

We have NEWS dating back to 2004 so take a look & stay a while!!

~ JUNE 2010 ~ JUNE 2010  ~ JUNE 2010 ~
Guess who is rooting for England in the World Soccer
Cup series? :)

Alexandra posted this on Twitpic 6-23-10

A Los Angeles Times article by Ann M. Simmons, which
published June 19, 2010 had a small quote by Adrian Paul.
"Shaolin Temple's real kick is inner peace" is an article about
Franco Testini (temple master) and the Shaolin Buddhist
Temple in Sherman Oaks.

"You find a sense of inner calm," actor Adrian Paul, 50, said
of his frequent attendance at the temple. "It allows you to
enter another world, which centers you. Shaolin is what
ballet is to dance. It's the foundation that gives you the ability
to do what you want to do, better."

~ MAY 2010 ~ MAY 2010  ~ MAY 2010 ~
Adrian and "Little A" (Angelisa, almost 5 mo) out for lunch at
Geoffreys Malibu, in Malibu, Ca on Adrian's birthday, May 29th.

Angelisa, Alex and Adrian
Adrian Paul and Alexandra Tonelli
The new parents headed out for some fun  at the Dancing With The Stars
birthday party for  Edyta Sliwinska on May 24th, 2010
We are delighted to announce that the "Comic Con : Season 2" is welcoming
Highlander into it's midst. Adrian Paul,  David Abramowitz, Jum Byrnes, Elizabeth
Gracen and Peter Wingfield. July 1- 4 to be held at the Paris-Nord Villepinte
Exibition Center.  

Premium Tickets are sold on Fnac’s website! With these tickets you are sure to meet the
actors and get many more exclusive advantages! Join other Highlander   Adrian Paul
fans and get to meet the actors.

<<<<<More info by clicking HERE

It's that time!! Adrian Paul's birthday is May 29th and we
want YOU to be part of the celebration.

This is for all fans, so go view the card, then leave your comments
and happy birthday wishes for Adrian.

Please be part of this awesome day. It's Adrian's 1st birthday as a Dad
so this one is the first of many!!
<<<<<<<<<<<<<Click HERE

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
Please visit Adrian Paul's Official site for a new posting regarding the
Peace Fund. They are stressing that all fans should be careful when visiting
sites other than the official site. (You can visit here of course, stress free! lol)

The Silk Road,  Adrian Paul, the Peace Fund
A unique way to help!! The PEACE Fund is  looking to raise $10,000
for Teachers Without Borders. "Along the Silk Road" is a trip that will
take Sue & Ken Slater as they lead a convoy of 6 classic MG's from Beijing
and roaring into London by July, their 22,000 kilometer (13,700 mile)
journey.  You can sponsor a day, kms, or just donate. This is fun, read the
blogs and ride along with them as they spread PEACE.

Show Us Your Goodness
The PEACE Fund, Adrian's charity was nominated and was chosen out of
over 2500 charities submitted to one of the final 33. e tried our best in the
voting, but didn't win the ultimate prize. That's ok, The PEACE Fund still
received $1,000 from "Show Us Your Goodness" and that's money that will
help children. Thank you to those who submitted PEACE and especially
those who took the time to vote!  
It is so awesome that Adrian and Alex are sharing little tidbitts about
their daughter Angelisa and how she is growing. Sending thank yous to
many folk  whosent gifts is nice to see.

Check out Adrian's latest Blog addition. Click HERE!!
Get your FREE Adrian Paul Calender for MAYl!
Our design this month is yours  to use as a desktop
or screensaver.

Even print it out if you want and use at work. Great Paris design.

<<<<<Just Click HERE!
~ APRIL 2010 ~ APRIL 2010  ~ APRIL 2010 ~
"Eyeborgs" on DVD!! My heart be still. It's been way to long but the
time has come. As reported by "Foywonder" on  Dread
Image Entertainment bought the rights and it looks like July 6th is the
date to mark on your calendar. Or you can Pre-Order through

  Adrian attended the London,UK premiere of "The Heavy" at the
Odeon West End theater along with some of his co-stars.
Meredith Ostrom, Gary Stretch and Lee Ryan on April 16th.
 No word yet if the movie will be released in the US.
(courtesy WireImage)

Time for a lovely new FREE Adrian Paul Calendar for you to
enjoy. Kindly made by Elise, it's quite a PEACE-ful one. March
was in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, so this is perfect!

You can download yours FREE!!!

<<<Click HERE
~ MARCH 2010 ~ MARCH 2010  ~ MARCH 2010 ~
Here is your chance to let the producers of the next "Mission
Impossible" movie (number 4) that you think Adrian Paul would be
a great villian!! Be creative. Carmel MacPherson, President of Highlander
WorldWide came up with a quote that is perfect...
""There can be only one MI4 Baddie: Adrian Paul"

Click HERE to cast your vote!

Adrian Paul the Heavy
"The Heavy" finally hits theaters in the United Kingdom on April 16th.
It might be premiering at a theater near you.

No word on when it might be shown or sold here in the US.

Take a look at some of our Screencaps and watch the trailer
right here on our special "The Heavy" page.

Just click HERE!

Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
The voting has begun and continues until April 10th.  It doesn't
look like PEACE will be a top 3 finisher, but you can still vote.
Miracles DO happen, right? Even so, PEACE will still win $1,000
for the charity, so that's always a good thing.
Click HERE to vote at Show Us Your Goodness. PEACE is # 29.

Why not help us get to at least 1,000 votes!! Tell your friends too!
Adrian certainly is chatty these least when it comes to little
baby Angelisa. Can't blame him, she is gorgeous!

Check out Adrian's latest Blog addition. Click HERE!!
Adrian Paul March Calendar FREE
A new Calendar every single month for you to enjoy.
Adrian Paul at his finest as created by a fan. This month it's
Elise who shares her talents.

Download and use as wallpaper or screensaver.

Click HERE!!
Busy man Joshua is all about the "celeb buzz" and
shares a brief interview with Adrian. Ahh..another
person who appreciates a good thing.  ;>)

Follow Joshua on Twitter too!

Read his article from HERE

The Heavy Adrian Paul
We're being told "The Heavy" is due out
in mid-April. Previously we'd heard april 16th. We'll let you
know when we get the final due date.

Meanwhile, you can view the Trailer or check out our
Screencaps HERE.
~ FEBRUARY 2010 ~ FEBRUARY 2010  ~ FEBRUARY 2010 ~
Adrian Paul and Angelisa
There is a new report by Adrian on the official Baby Blog.
He's becoming quite the Dad. :)

The Auction is now over (Feb 17th) and it was a great one!
Monies will benefit Adrian's Angels, The Peace Fund and
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research.

Thank you to everyone who looked, who bid and made this
a reality.

Along with the monies raised in the 2 previous auctions
this year, we've raised $1003.93 for The Peace Fund!!

(Save those pennies, we'll be back in November and
a heavy emphasis on chocolate! lol)

Thank  you again. :)
The 4th Annual Adrian's Angels Auction is now OPEN!!!
Check out the 40 items up for sale, low prices and lots of fun
items. Necklaces, earrings, kilt pins, books, movies and more!
Be sure and get your bid in! Proceeds to benefit Adrian Paul's
"PEACE" charity and also to keep AA online.
You enjoy the site? Then help us stay here!
(link disabled. Auction no longer functioning)
Adrian Paul and Alexandra Tonelli with new daughter Angelisa
Head on over to Adrian Paul's Official site and take a look
at the absolutely gorgeous pictures of little Angelisa
Valentina-Rose with her Mommy and Daddy.
They look like a very happy family!

Show Us Your Goodness
Adrian talks to "Show Us Your Goodness." Peace was
nominated by the fans for a chance to win $20,000 for the
charity. There is an 8 minute Podcast where he talks about
Peace, the efforts to raise money for Haiti relief and how
anyone can come up with ideas for thei own charities.

Adrian Paul Calendar Free February Calendar
Debbie R created a fun Valentine's Day themed Adrian Paul
calendar for February. Chocolate... strawberries...yum.

You can get your own personal copy
and download it HERE.

Thanks to Debbie for taking the time to share the Adrian wealth.
~ JANUARY 2010 ~ JANUARY 2010  ~ JANUARY 2010 ~

Peace teams up with actors, actresses and other celebrities alike
and offers up some great great items for you to bid on.

You can't beat this deal..
you get a personalized item and have the knowledge that all of
your monies go to The PEACE Fund to aid efforts in Haiti. Awesome!

(link disabled. Auction no longer functioning)
Highlander tshirt
Here's your chance, it's a one-of-a-kind shirt signed by most
of the GOHs (Guests of Honor) at the HLWW9 Convention last
April 24-26, 2009.

Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfiled, Liz Gracen, Stan Kirsch, F Braun
McAsh and so many more. Many fun comments by the actors
written on the shirt making it especially collectible.

(link disabled. Auction no longer functioning)

All items have a percentage donated to PEACE for Adrian's Haiti Relief
Please check out the numerous items up for Auction
to benefit Adrian Paul's The Peace Fund!!
Adrian wants to help aid in Haiti, so let's support him.

Many fans have come together and created new items
or are selling things you might just need.

<<<<<<<<Click HERE
Adrian Paul and Stefan Duncan
The PEACE Fund is thrilled to announce that a visually stunning
painting by the well known artist Stefan Duncan (dubbed "The
American Van Gogh") has been donated for auction in support of
the 'PEACE for Haiti Relief Effort' by the artist himself.

Along with many other fantastic items by other stars, there is
a lot to bid on!!

Adrian Paul is the voice of Arinjborn for Egil the movie
"Egill: the Last Pagan."

Lichtof Productions based in Hungary has cast Adrian to play the voice
of Arinbjorn, the blood brother of Egil, in a new animated film. The
famous legend of Egil Scallgrimsson, in the 10th Century, fought for
love and justice against the king of Norway and his witch queen using
"scaldic" poetry. Due to be released in 2010.
Adrian Paul welcomes new daughter
The baby has arrived!!  Little Angelisa Valentina-Rose
joined the world on January 8th, 2010.  Go see the gorgeous
pregnancy picture of Adrian Paul and Alexandra Tonelli
on Adrian's official site at:
A new note from Adrian on his Baby Blog.

The time is getting near!!

To read Adrian's Blog, just click HERE!
Adrian Paul Free January Calendar
Your first Adrian Paul Calendar of the year is now ready for you
to enjoy!

Simply click on the link and go download the full-sized design
and enjoy at your leisure.

<<<Click HERE

If you find any unusable links please contact me. Thank you.

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